I can’t believe it’s almost 2018!

I can’t believe it’s almost 2018!

Seriously, where did this year go? Now I know what sleeping beauty felt like because I feel like I must have slept through a few months! Well, minus the evil witch, handsome prince …. and kisses!

There was so much stuff I planned to do this year, but none of it got done! I made new year resolutions, the normal stuff like losing weight, and set goals, and none of them got done! I’m not going back to school (one of my goals), I’m still eating Oreos on the reg, and please don’t get me started about the White Chocolate Raspberry pancakes we have at work!

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Play-Dating Other Moms? What’s Your Advice…?

Play-Dating Other Moms? What’s Your Advice…?

Oh boy, my little Kayleigh-Bug was on screech today!

I’m pretty sure she woke up this morning and her first thought of the day was “how can I annoy thee, let me count the ways.” Then she probably cackled. She might have even stroked a furless cat while her pinky was held proudly in the air. I’m serious … Nothing would have surprised me today!

So I decided to do what any amazing, and loving, Mother would do ….. We went to McDonalds so she could wear her damn self out is what we did!

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Why Does My Child Lie: 3 Reasons Why it is Our Fault Kids Lie

Why Does My Child Lie: 3 Reasons Why it is Our Fault Kids Lie

My daughter is four years old, and we have always been able to count on that girl to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. My (step) son just turned five, and he has always lied a bit, but recently it’s feels like he is trying to become the next Stephen King with his stories!

I think I’ve always held a high standard for honesty in our home because I know how greatly morals are valued in our world today. I don’t want my children to become those kids that everyone hates to see walking through a door, and you know exactly what I’m talking about!

You can implement punishment when a child lies, but I feel like that will only make them try harder to tell a better lie next time. You can explain why lying is bad, but do they really care at this age? So, what can you do?

I have racked my brain for the answer to this question, and I think I have found an answer that is working well, in my house at least! You cannot stop a child from lying until you understand why they’re doing it, and once you understand why you can create a game-plan that custom fits each child’s individual need.

So I started watching, and waiting, and watching, and it didn’t take long before a lie flew out of their mouths. The more I really studied my children’s dishonest behavior, the more I understood something that I never expected …….

It is all our fault that our children lie!

One hundred and fifty percent our fault, but it’s not because we intentionally told them to become a liey lie-face. I know most of you are sitting here going “nuh-uh it ain’t my fault”, but it actually really is!

See children are born with a clean slate; they are the most innocent creature that exists, until we corrupt them! We don’t mean to though. In fact, most of us kill ourselves trying to keep them from becoming tarnished by life. While we are trying to shelter them from the big-bads of the world we’re unknowingly becoming the problem.

Let me explain this a bit further …. let’s explore why kids lie when they are young.

They Tell Stories

Most of us start reading to our children before their even capable of communication. Some people even read to their child while they are still in the womb (Guilty!). We do it to help our children learn how to form words into coherent sentences, we do it to expose them to different things, and we do it to bond with our child. What we don’t realize is this: we are teaching them how to tell people something that is not true!

One of my daughters favorite books is Goldilocks and The Three Bears. She has started asking me about bears coming and sleeping in her bed. She has also asked about bears living in the woods and if they would come say “Hi”, so I had to tell her that bears actually don’t invite little girls into their home for porridge and a chat!

You could instantly see her wheels turning while she thought back to every book she had ever thought, or imagined, was real. All of a sudden she understood that people tell these colorfully illustrated lies for entertainment, so why couldn’t she?

I would never suggest that a parent stop reading to their child, nor would I say that you should squash on their imagination. However, it is interesting to understand how books could lead a child to think lying was acceptable in some forms.

They Use it to Get What They Want

“Can I have another cookie Daddy?”

“What did your mom say?”

Oh man, what a conundrum! I know Mom said no more cookies when I asked, but I sure do want one more, what do I do? If I tell him she said yes I will get a cookie, but if I tell him the truth I won’t get one. Children find themselves in situations like these all too often. Even as an adult, I would probably lie to get the damn cookie!

When a young child is faced with a choice such as this: lie and get what you want, tell the truth and get nothing, they are probably going to lie. They don’t fully comprehend morals and guilt yet, they are impulsive creatures, and when they want something they get tunnel vision. You really cannot blame a child for this, it’s not their fault.

We need to become more aware of our actions and what choices we put onto our young children’s shoulders. Should he ask what I said, or should he get up and ask me himself? Should I have anticipated her next move and went to inform him of my decision before she had a chance to ask, yes I should.

Being more aware and conscious of this could help teach your children not to lie because you are not putting them in a situation that requires lying.

They Lie to Stay Out of Trouble

I know, that sounds like an oxymoron right? As silly as it sounds, it is absolute truth! This is the biggest reason my children lie to me, because they think they are going to be in trouble unless they lie. I know that lying is going to create bigger problems in the long run, but I am an adult who can process the concept of consequences.

*Child breaks window*

“Did you break the window?”

“No, the cat did!”

It actually broke my heart when I realized how common this was in our home. Do my children really think I am so unreasonable that instead of admitting to an accident they would lie? Have I made them feel like they cannot tell me the truth and be heard when they explain why?

Needless to say, we had a long conversation as a family about lying and why it was not okay. We also talked about why it was okay to tell the truth, even if you believe you will be in trouble, because you are going to be in far less trouble when you are honest. Since that conversation my children have felt more secure about telling the truth, and I have been a bit more aware of making them feel this way.

There are obviously other reasons why people lie, but most of them are much more complicated than children are. These are the most common reasons why children lie to their parents. I understand and accept my part in their dishonesty and since then lying has become less frequent in our home.

Truth Time: Everyone Needs to go to Bed or Mommys Gunna Lose Her Shit

Truth Time: Everyone Needs to go to Bed or Mommys Gunna Lose Her Shit

Today has been the perfect storm on my usually calm nerves. I’m pretty easy-going and it takes a lot to try my patience, but today was hand delivered from hell by the devil himself okay!

I fell asleep on the couch last night while I was snuggling with my BabyBug, and spent the better part of the night twisted about in the free space around her. Hello Thirty …. I am getting old and I know “thirty is not old” but it sure feels old!

The rest of the day was spent fighting one battle after another and all with a stiff neck, aching joints and a throbbing headache!

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Things You Never Said Untill You Had Kids

Things You Never Said Untill You Had Kids

My fellow parents, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Your Mom always seemed to know how to insert an embarrassing quote or saying into every conversation and you thought “Boy, I’ll never do that!”

Wrong wrong ding dong!

(That’s number one btw!)

So I thought it would be fun to take a minute and create a list of the weirdest things never thought I would say …. ya’ll ready?

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My Daughter The Doctor

My Daughter The Doctor

Are you tired of sitting in waiting rooms only to be seen for five minutes by an uninterested Doctor? Tired of talking to a Doctors back while they are looking at a computer screen the entire time? Do you want a Doctor who CARES?

Well then you need to come check out the newest medical office to hit the scene, Kayleigh’s Klinic!

This amazing klinic is staffed with caring professionals (my daughter and I) who want to take care of all your medical needs! Our office is open on weekends as well, with a second Doctor who will take your head right off!

We have served tens of patients already to date, and we’ve even had ourselfs a celebrity patient or two (Thanks Barbie) but I’m just name dropping now!

Our revolutionary care promises you will be well taken care of here with us. Some amazing care you can expect from our Doctors includes:

  • Having a thermometer stuck in your eye if you don’t open your mouth!
  • Don’t like shots …. no one cares!
  • If you cry or complain you will be given a bonk on the noggin and a binky!
  • Ever wondered if you bounce? You’ll know when you leave here, if you don’t!
  • The doctors will work feverishly to find out what ails you, they may even get into heated discussions about it and storm out of the room, but that’s just their genius at work!
  • Gone are the ways of the outdated reflex testing, here we hit one another with various parts of your body, let’s see if you flinch!
  • Do you like a good cuddle? Your going to get one!
  • We don’t believe in band-aids … Band-aids are for wimps! (Plus our janitor Man-Child uses them all, but never has any boo-boos … huh?)
  • You want a sticker? Oh we got stickers … stickers on my floor … stickers on the walls …. please take a sticker, TAKE ALL OF THE STICKERS!
  • Your privacy is our first priority …. but you will be stripped off all your clothing and left laying somewhere for days, we won’t have a clue where your clothing is, it just seems to disappear!
  • Apparently we don’t have any medicine here … the DOCTORS like to drink it all before work!

That is just a handful of the amazing things you can expect from us here at Kayleigh’s Klinic.

Were located just south of KitchenVille in down town LivingRoom! Just look for the haggard Mother standing in the yard crying.

Walk-ins are welcome, registrations is a breeze and checking – out, well … no-one ever checks out!

So come visit us the next time you have a medical emergency … we will kill ourselves trying not to kill you!

How to Prevent Your Children from Getting Sick at School

How to Prevent Your Children from Getting Sick at School

Every parent of a school age child can agree on one thing unanimously, children get sick far more often once they go to school. Sure, there may be some initial excitement when you think of all the free time your going to have in the morning after they climb on the bus. That’s quickly washed away however, by the realization that everyone is going to be sick until next June!

You cannot keep your child home and homeschooling is a very in-depth process, one most mothers don’t have time for. So what can you do – besides buying stock in Puffs?

Well don’t panic just yet guys, because there are some very easy ways to keep your school bound baby from catching the flu’s!

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Awesome Group Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Awesome Group Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Oh yes friends … Halloween is rapidly approaching and this Mumma is pumped! I adore Halloween! In fact, I would say it ALMOST trumps Christmas …. Almost! I love the colors of Halloween decorations, I love haunted houses, I love chilly nights filled with spooky surprises …. and I absolutely love seeing all of the different costumes roaming the streets on Halloween night!

My children have already decided what they want to be …. or I have decided for them …. I honestly couldn’t tell you which one anymore! My Step-Mumma even got in on the Halloween action and bought them some costumes … I am so excited to see them!

Honestly, picture a grown ass woman squealing with delight as she passes a super cute costume on an adorable child! That’s me! Picture a should-be-more mature Mumma, sipping on a pumpkin coffee, in full costume and totally asking for candy with my kids! Oh yeah baby …. that’s me!

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Who Do You Think You Are: Growing Up On Me!

Who Do You Think You Are: Growing Up On Me!

Oh! Someone made Muma angry!

See that Mumma bird up there? I imagine she is mad because one of her buttheads mentioned leaving the nest. She came home, overheard them talking about their plans to leave her and went crazy on them! I felt your pain Mumma!

Mumma – That’s it! I do and do for you little shits and this is the thanks I get! Instead of cleaning your nest room, you were making plans to leave? You did it now, I’m so not puking food into your mouths tonight! Now pluck your brothers feathers and get to bed!

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My fellow parent swearers!

My fellow parent swearers!

There are a lot of things that change when a person becomes a parent. Most of them are big changes that we all know are coming beforehand: less sleep, no time for social interaction and more financial burden.

What about the small shift changes that happen without us ever noticing? Our personalities sway and twist to mold around our young offspring and we turn into parent swearers!

What is a parent swearer?

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