Truth Time: Everyone Needs to go to Bed or Mommys Gunna Lose Her Shit

Truth Time: Everyone Needs to go to Bed or Mommys Gunna Lose Her Shit

Today has been the perfect storm on my usually calm nerves. I’m pretty easy-going and it takes a lot to try my patience, but today was hand delivered from hell by the devil himself okay!

I fell asleep on the couch last night while I was snuggling with my BabyBug, and spent the better part of the night twisted about in the free space around her. Hello Thirty …. I am getting old and I know “thirty is not old” but it sure feels old!

The rest of the day was spent fighting one battle after another and all with a stiff neck, aching joints and a throbbing headache!

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Mommy Moments: When You Feel so Mad That You Want to Roar

Mommy Moments: When You Feel so Mad That You Want to Roar

Fellow parents, I’ve hit a point in my parenting where I am now relying on children’s cartoons to get me through my emotional fits, has that happened to anyone else?

There is this little goody two-shoes tiger, you all probably know him from his debut on Mister Rogers Neighborhood. He was the tiger that lived in the clock, the little shy one? Remember? Meow …. I run at the sight of my own shadow …. Meow?

Well anyways ….. even if you don’t remember that’s okay because he is not the same anymore! Now he is an emotional toddler learning life Lessons and teaching them to other young’ins through songs!

Oh the songs …..

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My Daughter The Doctor

My Daughter The Doctor

Are you tired of sitting in waiting rooms only to be seen for five minutes by an uninterested Doctor? Tired of talking to a Doctors back while they are looking at a computer screen the entire time? Do you want a Doctor who CARES?

Well then you need to come check out the newest medical office to hit the scene, Kayleigh’s Klinic!

This amazing klinic is staffed with caring professionals (my daughter and I) who want to take care of all your medical needs! Our office is open on weekends as well, with a second Doctor who will take your head right off!

We have served tens of patients already to date, and we’ve even had ourselfs a celebrity patient or two (Thanks Barbie) but I’m just name dropping now!

Our revolutionary care promises you will be well taken care of here with us. Some amazing care you can expect from our Doctors includes:

  • Having a thermometer stuck in your eye if you don’t open your mouth!
  • Don’t like shots …. no one cares!
  • If you cry or complain you will be given a bonk on the noggin and a binky!
  • Ever wondered if you bounce? You’ll know when you leave here, if you don’t!
  • The doctors will work feverishly to find out what ails you, they may even get into heated discussions about it and storm out of the room, but that’s just their genius at work!
  • Gone are the ways of the outdated reflex testing, here we hit one another with various parts of your body, let’s see if you flinch!
  • Do you like a good cuddle? Your going to get one!
  • We don’t believe in band-aids … Band-aids are for wimps! (Plus our janitor Man-Child uses them all, but never has any boo-boos … huh?)
  • You want a sticker? Oh we got stickers … stickers on my floor … stickers on the walls …. please take a sticker, TAKE ALL OF THE STICKERS!
  • Your privacy is our first priority …. but you will be stripped off all your clothing and left laying somewhere for days, we won’t have a clue where your clothing is, it just seems to disappear!
  • Apparently we don’t have any medicine here … the DOCTORS like to drink it all before work!

That is just a handful of the amazing things you can expect from us here at Kayleigh’s Klinic.

Were located just south of KitchenVille in down town LivingRoom! Just look for the haggard Mother standing in the yard crying.

Walk-ins are welcome, registrations is a breeze and checking – out, well … no-one ever checks out!

So come visit us the next time you have a medical emergency … we will kill ourselves trying not to kill you!

Who Do You Think You Are: Growing Up On Me!

Who Do You Think You Are: Growing Up On Me!

Oh! Someone made Muma angry!

See that Mumma bird up there? I imagine she is mad because one of her buttheads mentioned leaving the nest. She came home, overheard them talking about their plans to leave her and went crazy on them! I felt your pain Mumma!

Mumma – That’s it! I do and do for you little shits and this is the thanks I get! Instead of cleaning your nest room, you were making plans to leave? You did it now, I’m so not puking food into your mouths tonight! Now pluck your brothers feathers and get to bed!

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Is Two Better Than One? Or Three Better Than Two?

Is Two Better Than One? Or Three Better Than Two?

So anyone who has read my About Me Page (you can find that here) already knows that I have a daughter and a step-son. They’re less then a year apart, which has been a blessing some days and a nightmare other days! We had Dominic all summer and it was difficult at first to change our routine around to suit a second child full-time! We did it and we loved every minute of it! Now that schools started again he is back with his mom during the week and comes to our house on the weekends. This has really disrupted our little family!

We miss him! I go in to check on him in the middle of the night and have a mini panic attack when I don’t see him in bed! I include him when I’m trying to decide what to have for supper …. nope can’t have macaroni because Dominic doesn’t like the noodles! Oh yeah …. he’s not here! The Man-Child is once again outnumbered by women and misses his little man during the week, but none of us miss him as much as Kayleigh-Bug!

She is constantly finding new ways to break my heart by expressing her misery over Dominic being gone. She counts down the days until the weekend comes ….

“Mama is today the day we go get Nom-Nom” (She calls him Nom Nom … I know how stinking cute right?).

When we go to the park she plays a bit and then sits down with a big exasperated sigh….

“what’s wrong Bug?” …. “Mama, its sooo boring without Nom Nom!”

The topping on the heartbreak cake came the other night while she was laying on her little couch watching her tablet ….

“Mama I’m gunna play this song when Nom Nom comes this weekend, it’s the perfect song and I think is gunna love it” …. *Plays song* “Everything is going to be okay because we are together, Everything is okay when we are together” ….. OMG!!!!

Okay …. so clearly my child is starving for social interaction! I know she will eventually get it from children at school but that doesn’t do her any good for the second half of the day! I grew up with three sisters and myself so there was always someone to get into trouble with! I cannot imagine spending my days exploring the woods alone, not having someone to share my secret inside jokes with or playing barbies with no one to play Ken! (Okay, we fought about who was going to play ken every single time! But still …)

She is basically an only child for most of the week! She has a brother on weekends and Holidays but the rest of the week he is at his moms house doing his own things and she is here pining away for him! I’ve been watching this eat away at her for weeks and while I try my hardest to fill the void, I am not a child her age!

I don’t understand children’s humor the way she wants me too, I can’t look at her while she is bugging Daddy and think it is the best thing since sliced bread! I don’t want to poke worms with sticks and watch them squirm and riding my bike down the hill into the back fence … well …. it would probably kill me!

So, should I have another child?

Parents do that right, have children for the purpose of giving their other child a playmate? I mean, let’s be honest here, that is why I would do it! Would I love to be pregnant again? Sure, but it would make work a lot harder! Am I happy having one child of my own? Yeah, I think I am but I also want my daughter to have what I had growing up! A bond with her sisters and brother that is unbreakable by any human force! She has that to an extent with her brother but at the same time they didn’t grow up together! They live two separate lives and he is only here half of the time!

I wouldn’t mind having another child! It wouldn’t be ideal because of work and finances but shit … when is it ever ideal? If we were going to have one now would be the time to do it! I wouldn’t want to wait much longer because the longer I wait to more I would be “starting over”. I still have all of Bugs baby stuff if it was a girl and she would be close enough in age that they would be able to be close. If I wait much longer they wouldn’t be as close!

I love Dominic like my own and would jump in front of a bus without hesitation for him but the reality is that he is not my son! I cannot have him all of the time like we would love to have him and it would be good for Kayleigh to have another sibling. I’m not sure if I am ready to go through labor again …. but maybe by then they will have found a way to get the child out without pushing?

Don’t Regret What You Didn’t Do, Love What You Did!

Don’t Regret What You Didn’t Do, Love What You Did!

1504506071559Summer is quickly coming to an end and kids are boarding the busses back to school! I personally cannot believe how fast this summer went by! There were so many things I wanted to do that I either never had the money or time to do them.

I was thinking about this today as I felt the first sign of Autumn in the air; this is not just a cold front passing through from the hurricane people, fall is here! I cannot wait to decorate my house in spider webs and pumpkins! I cannot wait to create my front yard cemetery with my kiddos (Kayleigh called it our “spooky Garden!” last year)! I cannot wait to don our spooky attire and beg for candy from strangers but I can wait a long long time for snow!

Anyways, see how excited Halloween season gets me? I got totally off topic ….. so as I was saying; I was feeling really down on myself today because I was thinking about all of the things I never did with my kids! It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, I wanted to very much but time passes quickly and Labor Day marks the end for many of the things I wanted to do! I felt really guilty because I remembered the promise I had made them at the first signs of summer “we are going to do so much fun stuff this year!”

Now here I am, standing here, a giant failure to my children! I mentally ran down the list of things I wanted to do/talked about doing this summer:

Renting a cabin on the lake for a couple of days. My dad and his wife did that last year and the kids had a blast! I wanted to replicate that experience this year at the same cabin! Subsequently, their prices went up a LOT this year! So what had seemed affordable once was now a bit out of my grasp!

Visit Fun Town, Santa’s Village, Storybook Land or any place of a theme park nature! Something a little bigger then the county fair!

Visit the coast a handful of times! We are fortune because we only live about an hours drive away from one of the biggest coastal attractions for vacationers, but we never seem to have time to go!

Go camping at a few different campgrounds. The kids finally reached an age where it seemed appropriate to begin camping! I love camping and used to go constantly before I had children but while they were young I was too worried about things like the weather and Bugs! A damp tent is no place for a baby! This year that was going to be different!

Go whale watching! I know … it sounds corny but I really think my children would love it! Even if we didn’t see any whales, my kids would love being on a big boat!

Go on a train ride! How awesome would it be to ride a train through the winding woods of Maine? Super freakin awesome!

Visit my Father, Nephew and Step – Mother in Arizona! We literally have an open invitation to come whenever we would like to and they will even pay for the tickets (I would rather pay for them myself but they would be willing to!).

Show them as many cool new things as I could!

This list is what an awesome summer would have looked like, if I was a better Mom! We didn’t get to do any of that stuff and I stood there feeling guilty as all hell because of that! I felt like I had somehow let my children down, that I had single-handedly ruined what could have been the best summer of their life! Like an eighty’s movie summer … that kind of good!

The a realization came over and smacked me upside my noggin! Hello, how could they know what they missed out on? I mean … what they don’t know don’t hurt em …. right?

Here is what we did do this summer:

We did go camping for the first time! Maybe we didn’t go as many times as I wanted … but who says we can’t pitch the tent outback? Well …. we have a skunk outback … who says we can’t pitch the tent in my moms field?

We went to the pool numerous times this summer! Okay, it’s not the ocean but salt water is bad for your skin and sand gets everywhere anyways!

We went fishing, boy did we go fishing! Each spot we found was nicer then the next! There was always something new to explore and sometimes we had to hike a bit to get where we needed to go! We drove around to several new places and had man adventures because of fishing! Not to mention, Kay-bug caught a huge bass, even reeled the thing in all by herself on a tiny frozen pole! My girl!

We went to two State Fairs, out for Ice cream all the time, and to the local goat petting farm!

We went to Portland and visited Macworth Island, if you live in Maine and haven’t been there, go! It was well worth the trip, if you have children! There’s an entire community of fairy houses that people have built and you can contribute by making your own! Tons of fun! Plus, there’s a beautiful trail that winds around the ocean and highlights all the best part of Maine’s shoreline!

We went to the fireworks and miraculously my entire family ended up with the day or evening off so we could all watch them together!

We went to the circus and the kids got to ride a real elephant!

We caught a caterpillar and helped it in its journey to become a butterfly!

And a ton of other things! So yeah …. maybe I have a giant list of things I didn’t get around to doing, but I have an even better list of things we did do this summer! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing because everyday is a great adventure when you have kids!

What does your list of things you wanted to do look like? What did you end up doing instead? Let Us Know!