Happy Easter Corona World!

Happy Easter Corona World!

Do you think there’s a future, in some timeline, where I will look back on this day and laugh. Laugh about the accommodations the Easter Bunny had to make because he had little income and nowhere to shop. Laugh with my daughter as she faces a similar crisis in a different way?

I look forward to that future …

Or do you think this will be just the first holiday, with many more to follow, that we spend in a new world?

Happy Easter in Corona World
Photo by Emily Hopper on Pexels.com

Easter in my house has always been fun. I love being woken up early in the morning to hunt eggs and watch as my daughters face fills with wonder and joy. I’m not being sarcastic either, I truly adore it.

Easter this year, well, it was a disaster.

There’s always that feeling of possible failure. Of not having done the right thing, or enough of what you did. I don’t think any parent is truly ever free from those thoughts. Then you throw in a shit storm like the Corona Virus has caused and, hell, things just get downright miserable.

I have to be careful with the details because there are small eyes that need to be protected, but let me tell you what the Easter Bunny did this year.

The Quarantined Easter

I wasn’t sure if the Easter bunny was going to be able to come or not. I thought everyone had gotten the same memo about the Easter Bunny having to come later due to Covid-19. Then word trickled through the grape-vine that the Bunny was deemed “essential” by our Governor and was still able to hop freely throughout people’s homes.

Great idea. I do understand the process behind it. Trying to shine some light through the darkness, yadda-yadda …

The problem being, the damned bunny would have nowhere to shop. It’s not like he makes toys in his bunny hole. Which, after I typed it, sounds like a good thing. Even if he could hop to somewhere that was open and wait in line to get into the store, he might have trouble paying since he has limited funds right now.

Cut backs and such — yeah, not even the bunny is safe!

So he gave it a good think, and decided he probably would have to postpone Easter until things evened out. Sometime later Saturday evening he realized how much he would regret that decision and kicked himself in the arse for not realizing it sooner.

You’re probably wondering what he did. How did he pull of Easter after the stores were all closed? Well, don’t you worry boys and girls, the Easter bunny is resourceful if he is anything.

I’m not sure about the details — obviously, I wasn’t with him … but I know what we woke up to this morning!

Easter Morning

Buggy woke me up this morning in hysterics. Apparently, she had forgotten today was Easter, and it was truly a surprise when she woke up to an egg staring her in the face. So yeah, she wouldn’t have known the difference.

She squealed with glee, slapped me in the face, jumped up to grab the egg and opened it. Inside she found — a KitKat in christmas wrapping, some change and a little toy. She doesn’t miss a goddamned thing and immediately pointed out the Christmas wrapping.

Strike one, Bunny!

Then she turned her focus onto the toy. Flipping it around in her small fingers, she inspected ever aspect of it. It was an older toy, small and used. You could see the wheels turning in her mind. Was this hers? Why did the bunny put a used toy in her egg?

Strike two, Bunny!

Upon further investigation, we found more eggs dotted throughout the house. Each one held Christmas candy and a used toy. Her excitement was clearly turning into confusion as she opened each egg and found used toys that weren’t hers.

So we abandoned the egg hunt and went downstairs. On the table she found a pretty decent spread. The Bunny, anticipating her boredom in quarantine, had stocked up on crafts and art supplies. The hod-podge basket included a lot of different things — art supplies, make-up she had been wanting, candy, toys and other stuff.

Her face changed from sheer concern back to excitement when she saw her basket, and the egg fiasco was forgotten. A letter from the Bunny laid on the table cleared up some of that confusion.

See, the bunny explained that because he couldn’t get to the store to buy new toys, he had rounded up some of Mom and Dads old toys. It all made sense! That lit a new fire, and she went back to the eggs with a new enthusiasm. These were mom and dads old toys! Something she could ask them about and relate with them over!

That … is how you do Easter! BOOM!

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