Snow Day in April … Yep, That’s Maine!

Snow Day in April … Yep, That’s Maine!

Yesterday my family and I were spending a rainy day indoors. Outside it was pouring and inside we were all being lazy. The Man-Childe was playing his game, Buggy was Face-Chatting with her cousin and I was clacking away on the computer. Then my daughters scream broke the silence …

“Mooooom,” she yelled from the top of the stairs “look outside. It’s not raining anymore!”

I assumed she was excited because she’d been pleading to go outside all morning, but I’d kaboshed the idea because it was cold and pouring. I mentally prepared myself for the second round of this fight — because it would still be wet outside even if there had been a break in the rainfall.

“Okay honey,” I said “but we still can’t go out and get soaking wet in the cold.”

“NO MOM,” she yelled back “it’s not raining anymore!”

“I know, I heard you,” I replied “but it will still be wet outside honey.”

I heard her stomping down the stairs. She stopped on the landing, looked through the small window in the wall and stared directly into my eyes, “Mom. Look outside. It’s NOT raining anymore.”

Sighing, I moved the curtain behind me away from the window.


The Man-Childe, who was sitting on the other couch, decided he needed to step up and put his two cents into the conversation. I cave a lot and it’s not uncommon for me to give into my daughter when I feel bad saying no. He usually stays out of it, but when it’s something important he will step in and put his foot down.

“Okay, it might not be raining now,” he chimed “but it’s still too wet and cold to play outside today.”

“No, Dad, listen!” Bug urged …

“Honey, it’s not raining.” I said …

“It doesn’t matter,” he interrupted “she still shouldn’t go out and get wet in freezing weather with this virus going around.”

Kayleigh and I exchanged quiet smirks.

“Look outside,” we both exclaimed.

He sighed and pushed the curtain back on the door behind him.


It wasn’t raining. In fact, by the looks of it, it hadn’t been raining for quite some time. What we both saw outside the window had been about four inches of snow and a blizzard of huge snowflakes still raining down from the sky.

We were in the middle of one of the worst snowstorms we had gotten all year, and it was the middle of April.


The snow flakes were the biggest I’d ever seen. I’ve been on this planet for 32 years and I’ve never seen snowflakes that were as big as my hand. It was insane standing outside watching those mammoth things fall around me.

Fun Fact: apparently this is caused by warming temperatures and clumping! In warm temperatures, the snowflakes start to melt while falling. The wind traps them in an updraft and causes them to bump into one another, causing them to clump.

It was super wet snow too. Which sucked for shoveling, but was perfect for building a snow-man!

Kayleigh is alone right now. This Corona Virus bullshit has us isolated, so not only can she not see her brother and school friends, she cannot visit her family either. She doesn’t have anyone here to play with. It’s hard for her because she gets bored and lonely, and she is NOT a television person. So I have been the only playmate she has, and she wants to play constantly!

So I dug out the winter clothes I’d thought we wouldn’t need anymore, threw some layers on myself and we headed out into the snowstorm.

I don’t care how old you are, playing in the snow makes you feel like a kid again. Unless it’s below freezing outside because honestly that shit ain’t fun for anybody.

So Kay and I made a decent snowman. Then the Man-Childe came out with his bulging muscles — ha-ha — and had to make a bigger one. We ended up with one who had some wild grass-hair and a huge Alien.

I couldn’t shake the feeling of Déjà vu. Everything was lining up perfectly to remind me of the nights I played outside at my grandmother’s house. Standing in the dark, watching the snow fall around me, illuminated by street lights; it filled me with a nostalgia that made me both happy and sad.

I hope Kayleigh will someday remember playing outside while giant snowflakes fell from the night sky. I hope she will remember making silly snowmen with her parents as she plays with her children someday.


I usually curse the snow. When I had places to be. When I had to clean the car off and take a white-knuckled ride to work. I cursed the snow. Now that we are all stuck in quarantine, we could enjoy the beauty of it all. We could take a moment and make memories.

That’s what a snow-day should be!






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