There Was Hope … For A Second

There Was Hope … For A Second

I was woken this morning by the sound of my phone ringing. The sound of the Man-Childe’s voice quickly followed, “It’s your boss!”

A million thoughts ran through my head and excitement creeped through the corners of those thoughts. Had some miracle happened whilst I slept like an Angel last night? Did the Corona virus pack up and leave us alone? Were we able to re-open? Had they found some hours for me somewhere?

I quickly answered the phone …

Woman answering phone in bed.
I really look like this every morning … 

See, I work as a waitress, and my job was included in the first round of “unessential services”. The resteraunt I work for was allowed to stay open but could no longer provide eat-in services, so my head quickly found the chopping block.

In the spirit of finding the silver lining — I am glad because I was also one of the first rounds of people to file for unemployment. I had no problem filing. I guess people who are trying to file now are being met with all kinds of issues because of the system being over crowded. If I had to lose my job, I’m happy it happened when it did.

On the other hand, it’s frustrating as shit!


So, right, where was I? Oh yeah, boss calling. I answered the phone hoping to hear some good news finally, but quickly realized that was not going to happen today. She explained the resteraunt was closing completely and asked if I wanted some eggs.

God love her. It’s not her fault this shit-storm is happening. It’s not her fault the owners make the decisions they do, but you have to see the irony in that as well. No paid leave. No vacation or sick time to collect. Nothing … but eggs!

Although, with prices going up the way they have, those eggs are worth a pretty penny right now …

That’s how things have been, and will continue to be. A rollercoaster of emotions every day. A glint of hope that ends up being nothing but a piece of broken glass, a stark reminder that everything has shattered.


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