Me + Thunderstorm = Love

Me + Thunderstorm = Love

I know this post is not about being a parent. It’s not a rant about my latest adventure with the kids. I am actually going to take a moment to pay tribute to something I enjoy. So grab your calendar because me time only comes but once a year, and I’m using mine tonight!

I love thunderstorms. There is something about the rain, wind, thunder and lightning that mingles together and creates this powerful creature in the sky. Like someone is up there saying “Hello, I am here and looks what I can do!”

We must have a chain of them floating through tonight because this is the third or fourth decent one we have gotten. I hear the thunder and I want to be outside. Obviously, I’m shitting my pants the entire time, but I love sitting here and listening to the rain hit the trees, and the thunder rumbling. It’s refreshing.

I sometimes wonder if we really know what’s going on up in the big blue. I mean, think about it. We are taught from a very young age that “this is the way the world works.” It makes sense because they tell us it does, but what if it didn’t? It’s hard to imagine sitting out here tonight that thunder is the result of clouds running into one another. There is a lot going on everyday behind the scenes that we just take for granted. Sure, we check the weather to see if it is a good day to plan a trip to the beach, but do we know why the sun is shining that day? We really don’t ….. not all of us anyways. We are a world full of people who walk around thinking we all know something when really we only know what someone else has told us was the truth.

Am I listening to the battle of a few angry clouds? Who knows …. It sure is a hell of a thing to think about though.


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