Mommy Milestone!

Mommy Milestone!

I did something that I have not done since I donned the title “Mommy”. I read a book from cover to cover. Even worse? I enjoyed every selfish minute of it!

That’s right my parental friends. I’m here to tell you that it can be done. You see, I used to love reading. It was not uncommon to find me curled up somewhere – anywhere – with a book in my hand. I read everywhere and everything, but since I have been a mother my reading has diminished slightly …… like, pictures books and the back of shampoo bottles slightly.

When my daughter was an infant I couldn’t justify spending precious sleep time reading. When she was a toddler I couldn’t take my eyes off her long enough to read a sentence, let alone a whole book. As the years progressed I guess I become more comfortable with T.V and my iPad and less comfortable with a good old fashion paperback. Hell, lazy I guess if you want to get right down to the truth of things. Then we went on vacation.

It took me a while to pick it up, but we were around tons of family and my kids were well entertained, so why not? Then it happened, I had some spare time! For the first time in a long time I was able to lose myself to a great story without worrying about the lives of my children. It was amazing!

I know it might not seem like a massive deal to many of you, why not wait for the movie? Right? It’s not just reading though. This revelation made me start thinking about all of the other things that I enjoyed doing once upon a time that I pushed aside. We all do it. Parenting a child is a full-time responsibility that leaves you with very little time for yourself. Most of us spend the small amount of “us” time catching up on chores or work, and we neglect the things that we once enjoyed. Like reading. Our hobbies get dusty on a shelf while we try to keep little humans breathing for a few years.

Listen, I did more than just finish a book this past week. I spent some honest to god time doing something I enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, and I enjoy every single nano-second I spend with them. I love being a Mother and would not change it for anything in this world, but we should not lose ourselves in our attempt to be perfect parents. In the long run that only makes us more imperfect because what are we teaching our children when we become zombie slaves? If you don’t do something that you enjoy every once in a blue moon, you lose yourself. How many parents out their could honestly answer the question “what do you enjoy doing?” I don’t know anymore because all I do is work, cook, raise children, clean, and sleep!

Try not to lose grasp of the things you enjoy! Being a parent doesn’t mean losing yourself! I read that book and I enjoyed every minute of it. Guess what? My kids are still alive and perfectly well. That’s right, they survived a little me time, and it’s a good thing too because I already have the next book picked out!

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