Taking My Circus To The Circus

Taking My Circus To The Circus

Yeappers, the circus is back in town this weekend. Oddly enough, my daughter chose two days ago to fondly reminisce about going last year. I had thought about not going this year – I spent a freaking fortune last year – and then Kay-Kay slammed this little pile of cuteness right on my head …

“Remember when I rode the elephant last year, that was fun, but we didn’t get to ride the donkey. HEY (eyes sparkling like a Chinese cartoon) maybe we can do it this year!

Shit. Was the thought that went through my mind, quickly followed by a quick calculation of if we could afford to go THIS WEEKEND! That was of course not what I said, what I said was …


I know there’s a lot to see, and it was possible I missed something, but I am almost entirely sure I would have noticed a donkey ride!

“Yeah mom, the lumpy donkey! Dom-Dom said it had two lumps but it had three!”

Maybe I should nix the circus idea and get her a tutor ….

“You mean camel?”

I learned two things from the conversation we had that day: 1. we have GOT to start watching more National Geographic, and 2. I was going to the circus this weekend.

So we went …

I have a pretty awesome job, with a pretty awesome boss, and my plan was to get out of work, go home, feed the kids a big supper, and haul ass to the circus, but like I previously mention (I have an awesome job and boss), so we ate at my work instead. Saved me a huge headache! Appreciated! Plus it made it much more fun for the kids who did not yet know they were about to learn a lesson about the word no!

See, last year I literally spent way to much money, but most of it was unnecessarily spent. It’s 12 dollars a person, and there are four of us, so getting in costs about fifty bucks. The other hundred and fifty was spent on food, toys, drinks, and the elephant ride during intermission. Well, not this year. We were bypassing all the trinkets, and eating before we went!

That was another sneaky part of the plan, kids get to eat out, makes it more special, and softens the blow when they’re told no about other stuff. Thanks again boss!

I was amazed! Honestly! My kids did amazingly ….

They had a great time at supper, and were totally okay when we had the pre-convo about not getting extras. Grampy came by before we left and gave them money for the “donkey ride” but otherwise they never asked for anything!

I was worried they would get there and see the flashing toys then all hell would break loose, but nope! Dom got a little restless and kept mindlessly asking for things, but he was okay when reminded about the word no. Kayleigh never even asked! I did catch her staring dreamily at the toy vendors each time they walked by but god damnit that girl did not ask ONCE! I could have cried I was so proud.

You would have to know my daughter to understand why I feel this way. I have spoiled my kids to a certain extent, and because of that she typically gets her way. Recently though, we have started working on the word no, but that went over like a fart in church. She whines, she cries, she threatens to pop my head off in the middle of Wal-Mart (yes that happened) and it’s a big mess. That girl sat there wanting something, but understanding beyond her years that Mommy couldn’t get it today, and that was heartbreaking as a mother!

All in all, it was an awesome night. Prior years left me with a board child trying to climb the seats, scrape gum off the floor, and see how close she could get her foot to strangers heads before they noticed, but this year she sat there and watched everything!

The only downside is that now she wants to be an acrobat …. I kinda hope I can talk her into something a little more safe. Maybe dog training ….


Ps. No lumpy donkey rides this year …. Boo …. but they loved the pony rides! For 10 bucks a pop I was sincerely hoping the fracking things would grow a horn and start flying in a circle but …. no such luck!

Always next year because two things are certain in life ….. Death and clowns robbing you blind once a year!

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