Let me tell you about Easter …

Let me tell you about Easter …

We don’t go to church. Not because I don’t believe in a higher power then myself, but because I don’t know what I believe. I’ve had to many bad experiences with churches who beg for money the entire time. So, we don’t go to church.

Although, as a side note, I have thought about getting my daughter into Sunday school because I think she should be educated enough about religion to make a desicion on her own. So, we might someday go to church, but we don’t right now ….

Anyways, my point? Oh yeah!

So I generally work on Easter morning. This year was no different, and I had to work at eight in the morning. Which I don’t mind because I wouldn’t forego a Sunday morning shift anyways!

I cannot buy anything ahead of time because we live in a small apartment with zero storage space. Anything I buy gets stumbled on or found somehow so I usually wait until the last minute. I wanted to do something a little different this year. Instead of a basket of candy I thought it would be a good idea to get stuff they could play with this spring. I spent some time browsing through neat Easter basket theme ideas (even wrote a post on it over at MommyDaddyKids.com , and found some neat ideas. The umbrella idea fascinated me so I decided that was the one I wanted to try.

I am my mothers daughter, and I procrastinate like I’m heading towards the electric chair instead of buying Easter gifts, so staying true to my roots I didn’t get any shopping done until Saturday. As in the day before Easter! As in everything has been picked over and only the over priced shit is left!

Do you have any earthly idea how much SHIT you need to fill an umbrella? Like, seriously? I feel like people should warn you when they post their cute little crafty pictures, of their perfect umbrella baskets, that your going to be spending at least fifty bucks an umbrella. Unless you’re me, and you wait until the last minute, then you’re looking at a couple hundred easy!

*Face Palm*

Take a moment to really feel the face palm …. and moving on!

So I told my kids that we needed to get to bed super early so the bunny would come, which they surprisingly agreed to easily enough.  Unfortunetly, Mamma fell asleep too!

I’ll take my mother of the year award in any color ….

I woke up at about 5 am, stretched a little, and it hit me like a ton of bricks …. The Bunny Never Came! Scenes of my children waking up flashed through my mind, devastated faces, why mommy? Why did he skip us?

I kicked my boyfriend as hard as I could, because hell, might as well get some kind of enjoyment out of this, and we sprung into action.

Easter Bunnies on Crack!

Shit, I should make a YouTube channel!

I filled eggs as fast as he could hide them. I tried the umbrella idea but really it turned into an umbrella/wagon/last years buckets idea. I didn’t get the stupid grass (I hate the shit anyways!) so we used pipe cleaners as grass. All in all, it came together.

When my kids woke up the Easter bunny had done his job and nobody was the wiser as to how close Easter devastation had been!

My kids didn’t really understand the pipe cleaners though …..


We spent the rest of the day (after I got out of work) at my moms house eating ham and playing with the new spring toys.

Then Man-Child came running past us “Your going to be mad”


He locked the keys in the car, again, like the 80th time this year! Luckily, he left them on the seat, so my sisters boyfriend fished them out in classic claw machine style. That was nerve wrecking!

I dream of people who spent the day getting on their Sunday best, sleeping in to be woken up by their excited children, having dinner with no emergencies, and you know what? I’m so glad I’m not one of those people!

This is what make memories!

My family might not be perfect but God Damn I wouldn’t have it any other way!




2 thoughts on “Let me tell you about Easter …

  1. This post was amazing and I totally hear you entirely on this. People post their cutesy little ideas that, bottom line cost a ton unless you wanna but cheap crap. You are hysterical and a kick ass mom!

    Liked by 1 person

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