Play-Dating Other Moms? What’s Your Advice…?

Play-Dating Other Moms? What’s Your Advice…?

Oh boy, my little Kayleigh-Bug was on screech today!

I’m pretty sure she woke up this morning and her first thought of the day was “how can I annoy thee, let me count the ways.” Then she probably cackled. She might have even stroked a furless cat while her pinky was held proudly in the air. I’m serious … Nothing would have surprised me today!

So I decided to do what any amazing, and loving, Mother would do ….. We went to McDonalds so she could wear her damn self out is what we did!

She had a blast! There was a young boy in a purple dragon costume who had just come from a pretty overwhelming Halloween Party. When we usually go to McDonalds, or the park, it’s always filled with kids who’re a little bit older then Bug. She tries to run behind them and tag along, but they don’t have time for a little girl. She is still seen as a “baby” in their eyes. Not tonight, tonight she had the whole play-place to share with another four year old. She loved it!

I started a conversation with his Mom, because quite frankly it was odd not too. We were the only two people in the entire room, our children were playing great together, and it just seemed appropriate. I am not really a people person. I’m pretty happy when I am left alone with a good book or my iPad. I can relax while Kay plays …. I should write to Ronald and thank him.

Tonight I was forced into the odd situation of making a Mom friend. To talk to someone who are only connection was through our children, who were holding hands now …. Hey hands to yourself!

In all of her short life, Kayleigh has never bonded with another child (outside of her family) like she did instantly with this boy. He seemed to feel the same way about her, and his Mom confirmed as much when she told me more about the two of them.

Kayleigh is an only child most of the time. She has a brother, but she only gets to see him on weekends, so for the most part she’s an only child during the week. The other Mom explained that she had older daughters, but they were in their twenties, so Konner (with a K) was an only child most of the time as well.

It’s possible that was the reason the two of them bonded so quickly. Maybe they could sense the desire to play with another child their age, in one another. Or maybe they were two rambunctious four year olds who had both been driven mad from cabin fever until they drove their parents to say “we are going to go play the energy out of you!”

Either way, they were quite smitten with each other. When it was time to go things became awkward really quickly. The kids didn’t want to leave because they knew it meant never seeing one another again. They both ran and hid in a small cubby compartment in the play equipment, and refused to come out. They looked at each other like it was the last time they would see their dearest friend.

In the back of my mind I wondered if I should ask for a future play date. Parents do that right? I think she was thinking it at the same time too because she made comments about how well they got along. I really wanted to ask for her phone number, but how do you ask a full grown woman for her digits without seeming desperate?

The whole thing reminded me of being in high-school and talking with a cute boy, and then wanting to talk to him again, but not really knowing how to ask for that!

How do you do this Mom Dating crap?

I feel really bad that I didn’t ask, because I do think she would have been down for it. The kids were ultimately they only ones who suffered from our awkwardness, because now they will most likely never see one another again.

Is it the end of the world? No, but what if I single handedly ruined her future with this boy? What if he was the one? What if the two of the would have fostered a friendship that may have spanned over decades, and now it will never be because I didn’t know how to ask his Mom for a date?


So what do you guys do? How do you navigate the tricky parent dating terrain? Have you ever asked a random person for a play date in the future, and how did you do it without seeming odd? Do people even do that? Or do you just let life flow and say your goodbyes like a normal human being?

I need some parental advice guys …..

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