Pumpkin Picking With the Littles

Pumpkin Picking With the Littles

We went adventuring today after I got out of work! We found this super cool little place that was really close by; I have driven past this place a thousand times and never knew what a little hidden gem it was!

We weren’t really sure we wanted to drive a half hour away, not knowing what this place was like. We have, more than once, driven great lengths just to find ourselves in the beginning of a Horror movie! Like, back roads, married cousins, this can be scary stuff people, but we locked our doors and went!

I’m super glad we did!

So I thought we were just going to a pumpkin patch on a little farm, maybe grab a few fresh veggies for dinner while we were there, and I was happy with that! When we got there I was more excited than the kids!

They had a tractor ride …. I will stand here proudly and admit …. I Freakin Love Hay Rides! Eeek … I really do … can we go? Please, please, please? “Yes Meagan” ….. *Starts to run and then calmly realizes my kids are still ten feet behind me getting ready to cry because they think I’m leaving them behind …. hehe*

If hay rides are not cool enough already (they totally are though) they had hidden a bunch of things in the woods around the ride, and you had a list of things you had to find! I won suckers ….. haha! Although, I think the other parents wanted to shiskabob me, but it’s not my fault their kids are blind ……

Since we had hopped on the tractor ride first thing, we didn’t get to see the rest of the place. When we finally got off the ride and got to explore the place this was me …..


We had a blast …. they had so much awesome stuff for kids! They had:

  • A ship play set that the kids adored …. I was too big for it (or at least that was what Man Child said)
  • A corn maze …. we didn’t get to do that today but it was HUGE!
  • Tractor scavenger hunt ride …. sign me up again!
  • A pillow jump, and for those of you who don’t know what that is, don’t worry I didn’t before today either, it’s a giant inflated pillow you jump on! It’s so stinking cool!
  • A corn box ….. which is a sandbox full of corn!
  • Horse shaped tire swings … again man-child threatened to leave me their just as I was throwing my leg over the swing 😦 no fun for mommy lol!
  • A ball throwing area where you have to throw balls through small holes in the wall …. I found it irritating but it was my sons favorite thing!
  • Bean bag toss
  • Teather ball …. NO PUMKIN teather ball!
  • Tricycle races …. they had a course outlined with tubing and a bunch of John Deer tricycles for the kids! They loved it! I had to sit that one out too … but ya know! The big girl struggle is real folks!
  • They had a little train car thing that was pulled by a lawn mower for the kids to ride around on!
  • There was a stand that sold homemade baked goods, they had the most amazing pumpkin cookies! Man-child let me have a cider because I was sore about the tricycle races still …..

It was just really cool! Just goes to show how something so fun can be right next door! They don’t advertise it much out of the small town its in, and I honestly think it’s more of a “Hey we have a farm, let’s do fun things for the people in town” and that’s how they have just left it! They keep the secret well!

Even when I found the website online, I had no idea what we were actually going to walk into! Very underestimated! That’s probably how they like it though!

I smiled all the way home.

Partly because my kids were super stoked when they realized what was really there, they thought we were just going to a field full of round orange gourds! So when we got there they were out of this world happy!

Partly because I had a great time! Watching my children’s eyes light up with joy and excitement, well, there is no better feeling in this world!

Most of the reason I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face was because I was picturing the man behind the curtain. Or woman, or both? These folks had a goldmine in their hands. You could tell that a lot of love and effort had gone into everything there. The swings were made from tires, the buildings were built there, and everything in that place was made from raw materials and someone’s amazing imagination!

It was a rare gem that was untouched by tourism. They weren’t charging 18 dollars a pumpkin like the alternative place in the area. Their pumpkins were four dollars no matter what size you picked! They weren’t charging three dollars for water and five bucks for baked goods, everything was under two bucks! They didn’t have cheap attractions that kind of held your attention, they had handmade awesomeness that got even me, a thirty year old woman, playing and having a blast!

These people CARED about people, not just what people could give them. They obviously wanted people to come and have FUN, that was their target, their goal, not to get people to come and spend money! (Although I’m sure it helped)

I love that about this state! I love that about small towns! I love that people can be so selfless in a way that can make another persons day absolutely amazing! So THANK you random farm with the coolest stuff around! You made a Mummas day absolutely amazing by giving her memories instead of frustration! You gave me joy instead of guilt that I didn’t have enough money to do everything there! You guys are amazing and you probably don’t even realize it!

Next time I’m leaving Man-Child home so I can do all the fun stuff too! Haha! I’m kidding, thank god he is their to remind me not to act a fool .. lol!


I am going to put the link here for anyone who may live in the area, I know most people live too far away, and you should just ignore this part! LoL!

http://www.thunderroadfarm.com <~~~~ A pretty cool place for younger kids!

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