The Las Vegas Shootings: Things That Don’t Add Up

The Las Vegas Shootings: Things That Don’t Add Up

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I stumbled on a post my sister had made. She was basically asking “what has gone wrong with the world”. What is wrong with the world? What causes someone, who seemingly had everything to live for, to commit such a tragic crime, and why are their so many inconsistencies with this story?

I turned to Google for my answers and strangely enough, I couldn’t find any. After reading dozens of reports, I was left with even more questions and almost zero answers. How does that happen, and how does it happen in a highly guarded area like Vegas?

I’m in no way trying to stick up for the person responsible for this heinous crime. My heart weeps for the family and friends of the people who were brutally murdered. No one should ever have to endure such a series of events and my heart goes out to the survivors, who will replay it over and over in their minds.

I’m not trying to make a political statement or accusation either. I really don’t have a theory behind what happened, but I do think there is much more to this story. Will we ever know what that is? Probably not! Is their some pretty obvious flaws in the current scenario? Oh yeah!

Where Was Hotel Security, Maids or Anyone?

According to police, Stephen Paddock brought “in excess of 10 suitcases” carrying “at least 23 weapons” to the hotel as he checked into a room on the 32nd floor, on Sep 28. This is the first thing that jumps out as weird in my mind because I cannot imagine how nobody saw a 64 year old man struggling with that many bags.

I am the bag lady. Everywhere I go, I go prepared and even I don’t carry ten full suitcases with me during vacation. Where was security when he was hauling this to his room? I understand it’s not an airport and baggage isn’t checked at a hotel, but there should have been at least one employee who thought that was a bit strange.

While we are on the subject, where are the videos of him bringing all of this into the building? There isn’t typically one inch of a casino that’s not being filmed at every moment of the day, so where are all of the giant headlines reading “Just look at all of these suitcases?”

Stephen Paddock – The Man Behind The Gun?

I don’t claim to know who Stephen Paddock is or why he staged an attack on two hundred thousand people. What I do know is this, there is a significant lack of people who do have stories that testify to the killer inside this man.

Where are the babysitters that caught him strangling kittens? Where are the school-yard chums who remember a brooding boy with the devil in his eyes? Where are the ex-girlfriends with horrific tales of abuse? I know it is still quite early into the investigation but two days is a hundred in media time, someone should have come forth by now.

Not only are their zero personal accounts of any negative interactions with this individual so far, but everyone who did know him has the same story to tell. He was a middle aged man with wealth and a passion for gambling. His brother admits that they lived quite far apart and maybe didn’t stay in touch like they should, but they never saw any sign that he was going to single handedly co-ordinate the biggest attack in recent history.

How does a person that’s capable of planning and going through with someone so demented not show one single sign of their intentions? He didn’t have children and was estranged from family, so his social skills were probably limited, but no one saw the phsycho, not even once?

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time that someone had pulled the wool over their loved ones eyes. Some of our most profiling serial killers have led totally normal lives that gave no clue to their killer activities. Is this a story of the most patient man on earth?

Who is This Man do Why Do They Want to Make it Clear He is Dead?

I’m searching and reading when it dawned on me. This entire time I have only seen three photos of this man, both seemingly older photos and one of his feet. We live in a digital age where it is almost impossible not to have pictures of yourself. He was described as a man who liked cruises, where are the photos of him in his speedo enjoying a sunny day? Where are the photos of his girlfriend and himself, and why did they need us to see his body so badly?

I suppose if he was not a friendly person and basically kept to himself, he probably wouldn’t have an abundance of pictures from several sources, but he didn’t have a Facebook page? He didn’t share the spoils of his wealth with the world?

The picture of a body laying in a hotel room, surrounded by guns and spent ammunition seems a little overly to the point as well. Why does the media need us to know this man is dead? We see a pair of feet and should just assume “oh yeah, that’s him!” Do they want us to understand his death means there will be no trial? No future reason to hold anyone else accountable? “Hey look guys he is dead so we can forget about him now!”

There is a few inconsistencies around his death as well. In one report that I read it said that the police came across the radio and said they had “taken him down” but now we’re being told he killed himself. Then there are rumors of his plans to escape, although they haven’t really outlines though plans, just hinted towards them. Which is it?

Did this man just snap and want to end his own life but not before taking a handful of people with him? It seems like an awful lot of planning went into an emotionally driver killing spree. Did he end his own life once he realized their was no escape? Then why was their no note or explanation? Most people who do something such as this, do it to make a point, where is the point here?

The Numbers Kept Changing

The initial reports indicated there were 2 people dead, 14 critically injured and another 14 with minor injury, these numbers would soon skyrocket. It’s now understood that he killed 58 people and injured another 600! That’s a pretty big leap in the numbers.

In the chaos that I’m sure ensued well into the night, it was probably hard to get a final number of victims. Is this giant increase in numbers just a result of that chaos or part of something bigger?

His Behavior on That Night

I read one article that included a statement from one of the casinos employees, she had waited on Stephen Paddock before he carried out his brutal attack. He had spent hours in the casino gambling and using his girlfriends points card. This is yet anything thing that seems odd to me. Why would someone who is about to unleash hell on thousands of people, use a point card to get a free room in the future?

Could he have been trying to blend in so he could make his daring escape and get away with everything? I suppose, but there was no quick exit in this situation, especially with ten suitcases! Even if he had escaped, there would have been a lot of clues left behind and he had to know that.

Its possible that he was just going full tilt on something that he enjoyed doing before committed an act that he knew would end life as he knew it. Maybe he was spending a great deal of money that day and wanted to give his girlfriend the points of his spending. He used her card, so this seems very likely. “Here honey, I’m sorry I  murdered all of those people, but I earned you a month of free rooms!”

The Entire Thing Seems Inconsistent and Weird

Quite honestly, as I sort through the hundreds of news reports I can’t help feeling a sense that something is not quite right. This man showed zero signs that he was going to orchestrate a mass shooting, made no final “I love you” phone calls to family and friends, made no attempt to explain his reasoning or blame a certain thing for his acts and there is zero photographic evidence being realeased beyond a few old pictures.

Maybe this will change. It could be the result of an active investigation and people being told not to print certain things. It could be the result of people feeling the need to fill in the blanks and report the story with their limited resources. People are so quick to yell “false flag” or blame our government but is there any real evidence that points to that?

Who knows why this man didn’t what he did, maybe more details will shed light on that in the future. For now, it’s important to remember the people who lost their lives to this tragedy. Let’s take a minute to remember the pain their feeling and hold our loved ones a bit closer. They thought they were going to have a great night filled with friends and good music filling the night air. What they got was much different. Keep these people in your minds and say a silent prayer for them and their family because you never know what tomorrow holds.

NOTE: Please understand these are personal observations and questions I personally have about this topic. I’m not trying to infringe on anyone else’s beliefs or offend anybody.

What do you guys think? Drop a comment below … let’s talk about this!



3 thoughts on “The Las Vegas Shootings: Things That Don’t Add Up

  1. Situations keep happening like this and I just don’t believe a single thing the media says. The Boston bombing, San Berdino shooting, the Texas shootings, etc. just all forgotten like that and never talked about nor do they discuss the trails for these terrorist. It’s just really weird!


    1. I agree! It just doesn’t add up! I feel like tragedies like this may have a bigger effect on things that we are not aware of, so we are fed a quick story and then told “but look at this!” It’s just really weird ….. there are a lot of things that don’t add up here! Thank youn for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It has been like that for years now. Just being fed this craziness with holes that never get filled. It is really annoying but no one will ever tell the truth and those who do will disappear or get called crazy. It is always something crazy happening and it gets even crazier with each presidency. You’re welcome. I hope that the families find peace even though it will be awhile before they do.


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