Becomming Popular

Becomming Popular

The definition of popular is : liked, admired and enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or a group. 

Most of the time I put on a strong front, I laugh, I joke and I basically act like I don’t much care what you think. Most of the time that’s true  … but it wasn’t always that way.

I grew up in a small town. We had one school and the grades were so small they actually combined grades in a few classes. My elementary school held K-4th grade and there was probably less than a hundred kids in the entire school! Needless to say, everyone knew each other and got along.

There weren’t any cliques or “popular people”. There were kids, choosing who they felt like playing with each day, based on who was playing what at recess. You had your handful of best friends, but everyone was a friend.

The town I grew up in didn’t have schools beyond fourth grade so we had to go to a neighboring town’s school. That town wasn’t huge, but suddenly a hundred kids in the entire building turned into a hundred kids in just one grade! It was pretty far away, about forty minutes on the bus, and my mom made the decision to home-school us kids.

Long story short, I was homeschooled until twelfth grade, and if your counting on your fingers right now, yeah that’s freshmen year of high-school!

Let me tell you right now …. you haven’t known hell until you’ve entered high-school as a freshmen who knows nobody! Being out of school forced me to lose any connections I had made with other kids. I didn’t build the social skills I normally would have along with my peers. There were many things I missed out on while I was home.

If you know my story at all you would completely understand my next sentence. In some ways I had been sheltered but in many others I had been forced to grow up really quickly. These people around me were aliens, they only cared about clothing and the opposite sex, those were not real problems!

You know that song “People are strange, when you’re a stranger ….” man he hit the nail right on the head!

Anyways, all of that is a story for another time …. back to my point!

I spent my freshmen year getting in trouble, sitting in detention, being expelled and skipping classes. Why? Not because I was a rebel without a cause … that came later … I was lonely, shy and embarrassed. I DID care what people thought and I just knew they hated me! So I withdrew and instead of putting myself in situations that forced me to open up and be around people, I wandered around by myself.

Then something changed … I stopped caring. I couldn’t change myself to suit their desires, I didn’t want to be a molded version of a person, I wanted to be me! It didn’t matter if they didn’t like me, I liked me!

Funny thing is, when I stopped worrying about what other people thought and stopped walking in the shadows trying to be invisible, people liked me! When you try to be invisible, you are! I was never part of the “it crowd” but not because I couldn’t have been!

I could have changed myself to fit other people’s selfish views but then I would have missed out on the honest friendships I found instead. I could have stressed day and night about my hair and make-up …. but who the shit has time for that?

I found popularity in other places, among people who needed me as much as I needed them! I reached out to people who needed a genuine friend and actually “cared” about people. I ended up being everyone’s “friend” because they knew I was going to be myself, not who they wanted me to be. I was going to have my own opinions, not the one she I thought they wanted me to have.

You either liked me or you didn’t and I didn’t much care either way! Of course … the teachers didn’t think that was so awesome :)!

Popular …. it’s a word that has more power then it even realizes! People strive for popularity to an almost unhealthy level and go to unimaginable lengths to achieve it!  People think they need to be wealthier, funnier, skinnier, prettier ….. whats wrong with being more you-ire?

Anyways ….. I am proud to admit that I have finally found my clique! There pretty awesome and they think I am the bees-knees guys …. best thing since coffee! Sure, they can be a little immature but that’s okay, they keep me young! My kids adore me and let me tell you, you don’t know what being popular feels like until you’re a mother!


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