This Chubby Mummas Struggle With Having a Young Cute Male Doctor

This Chubby Mummas Struggle With Having a Young Cute Male Doctor

1506708015273It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve really neglected my health over the course of my life. My children go to each and everyone of their schedualed visits and are healthy little Bugs, but I have never put much effort into my own health.

When I was younger it stemmed from a lack of health insurance and money! I couldn’t afford to sit in a Doctors office and be told to drink pleanty of fluids and rest for $200 dollars! So I put on my big girl pants and sucked through it …

Recently I’ve been struggling with the idea of turning thirty. I’m going to soon hit what was once my definition of “old”. Beyond that … I’m walking down the other side of the hill guys! I’m more prone to diseases and conditions that could really pose a hazard to my health now. I want to be here for my kiddos … time to get a Doctor and keep things moving along smoothly!


So I bit the bullet and made a Doctors appointment.

When I was registering for the introduction appointment the lady asked if I had a preference between a male or female Doctor, and I said “male would be okay”. I said this because when I think of a male Doctor, I tend to picture an older man who knows his shit!

Older male Doctors come from a different generation and they are much more personally invested in their patients general well-being, at least this has always been my experience.

So I made the appointment for a month from that date and went on my merry way!


Today came and I already had a million other appointments! I had an appointment at 8am this morning that I had to leave and then go directly to another appointment at 9am. We went to Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast because poor Kayleigh had been such a good girl despite being dragged around so early in the morning. While we were there it dawned on JR “Don’t you have an appointment at 11?”…. it was 10:45!

Shitake Mushroom!


I did make it just barley on time though! They registered me and put me in a room, asked me some questions and told me to sit patiently, the Docwould be right in.

You guys … Seriously! In walks a young good looking guy about my age and I wanted to die! I seriously thought about standing up and saying something like “Oh hey I said female! Wtf! Here he is with all his Doctor charm and money living the good life and here I am with doughnut glaze all over my face, and it only got worse from there!

Obviously, even a good looking Doctor has to BE a Doctor! It’s nothing like what they show on trash T.V either! He was all business … there was no subtle flirting because we both felt an attraction but alas … his job was on the line! Nope! None of that … damnit!

Question … answer … Question about my periods … awkward answer … Question about what my poop looks like when I have a bowel movement … I started to cry!

Okay … not really but sheesh!

Going to a Doctor is already humbling enough without them having to be a gift from god! He dropped a line or two about how he had just bought a new house in a popular trick-o-treating neighbor hood … and I sat there feeling like shit about myself!

There was a time … one kid and fifty pounds ago … that I would have had the confidence to make witty remarks and answer flirtatiously. Now … well there’s is just no flirtatious way to tell a doctor that you’ve had a lot more gas lately!

“Oh yes Doctor, my poops are big and thick .. *wink wink*” Yeah I don’t see that getting this chubby Mumma anywhere but in a padded cell!

I’m just saying … those people at the registration desk should warn a girl! I would have dressed a little nicer, washed and styled my hair or at least shaved my legs!



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