Daddy Ticks and That’s Okay

Daddy Ticks and That’s Okay

Man-Child has a condition called Tourette’s. He doesn’t scream out in appropriate things like most people think …. THANK GOD! I have worked with people who do have that form of Tourette’s and I can honestly say that’s not something I would wish on my worst enemy! It’s a very embarrassing condition because you’re aware of what your doing but cannot stop it.

His form of Tourette’s is different. His ticks are more physical in nature and present themselves in the form of involuntary head and shoulder movements. He also clears his throat constantly and coughs. Sometimes it is very irritating when you talk to him because it takes him much longer to say something. His ideas get jumbled and come out in bouncy sentences because he gets nervous. The more aware he becomes of his ticks the worse they get.

As far a step our relationship goes … yes sometimes they irritate me. When we are watching TV and I miss something important that was said because he is ticking away beside me, I get irritated. When I am trying to read and have to re-read a paragraph ten times because my mind is listening to him, I get irritated. However, I love him and I have learned to live with it. I know he cannot help it and wouldn’t do it is that we’re possible.

It would be like if he got mad at me for binge eating Oreos …. I CANNOT HELP IT!

Or if he got mad at me for sniviling like a baby through Green Mile … I KNOW WHATS COMING OKAY!

Hey … it’s not all bad! I have learned how to use his Tourette’s to my advantage!

  • I never lose him in a store or crowd of people! I just have to listen and I will find him!
  • He cannot sneak up on me! Sometimes he will try to hide around a corner and scare me but I hear him long before he can jump out! I sometimes pretend though ….for his sake!
  • I will never get caught doing something’s embarrassing! Because I can here him comming!
  • Its a built in lie detector! If he even so much as fibs … I know it! His ticks will go from zero to one hundred if he is nervous or lies! So I always know …. lol
  • I usually can tell how he is feeling from watching his ticks. If he is upset he ticks more, if he is excited his ticks are different and so on.
  • If I ask him a multiple choice question like Pizza or Spagetti for supper he will try to say what I want to hear but his ticks give him away!

Our daughter has grown up with it and has never questioned it once. I would expect to hear “why does Daddy do that and we don’t?” but she has never asked. I think she just accepts that some people are different and that’s okay! She never gets irritated or pushes Daddy to stop. She never says it is bothering her or asks questions about it. It has taught her how to accept differences among people from the very beginning of her life and that’s great!

There re are some advantages to dating someone with Tourette’s! There is a silver lining to every scenario! I wish we could find a medication that would help lessen them but only for his sake. I know it bothers him and he gets sore when he ticks a lot. Otherwise … I wouldn’t change a thing!


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