Awesome Group Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Awesome Group Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Oh yes friends … Halloween is rapidly approaching and this Mumma is pumped! I adore Halloween! In fact, I would say it ALMOST trumps Christmas …. Almost! I love the colors of Halloween decorations, I love haunted houses, I love chilly nights filled with spooky surprises …. and I absolutely love seeing all of the different costumes roaming the streets on Halloween night!

My children have already decided what they want to be …. or I have decided for them …. I honestly couldn’t tell you which one anymore! My Step-Mumma even got in on the Halloween action and bought them some costumes … I am so excited to see them!

Honestly, picture a grown ass woman squealing with delight as she passes a super cute costume on an adorable child! That’s me! Picture a should-be-more mature Mumma, sipping on a pumpkin coffee, in full costume and totally asking for candy with my kids! Oh yeah baby …. that’s me!

FYI: it is RUDE to exclude a parent from the candy giving rounds if they are dressed up! I mean … I could totally see if I was standing there in my work attire saying “Trick-O-Treat I didn’t even try!” However …. if a parent has gone through the hassle of dressing up AND matching their child’s outfit in some way, give them a damn Kit-Kat! Don’t be stingy! Sheesh!

Anyways …. my costume seeking rounds turned up some pretty neat ideas for a family costume! I still haven’t gotten the Man-Child to agree to this just yet … but I have some ideas that go with what our kids are going to be! You may have to tune in on Halloween night to see the pictures because I am not giving up on this idea … and Man-Child may or may not end up in tights!

Until then, check out these super awesome family costume ideas! Maybe you could try one this year with your family! Send Pics please!

Cute and Unique Family Costume Ideas for Halloween

*Photos are credited with links back to where they came from in the title*

1. The Wizard of OZ


Yep … what post about group costumes would be compleat without a shout-out to a classic? The Wizard of OZ is a family movie that my parents watched with their parents, it’s timeless!

Typically this group costume only works with a certain number of people, but you could tweak it to suit your family!

2. Football Player and his Ladies!


This is a super cute idea if you have a small boy in your family and enough girls to dress up with him. Do you have a little boy and older daughters? It doesn’t have to be from the 50’s. Although, I think that depicts a more innocent time for the costume!

You could reverse this for a girl. Have her dress as a cheerleader with her admirers following her around!

3. The Incredibles

Family of heroes

Okay …. super props to the Dad in this picture! You are a true MummaBug! Er DaddyBug! Or great Man-Child? You are an awesome DAD! Seriously, what kid wouldn’t love this?

4. Star Wars


Yes! Who doesn’t love Star Wars on some level? Even if you don’t have a full blown Star Wars obsession , you’ve probably at least seen one of the movies and thought it was decent! Plus c’mon …. how cute is this? Maybe I could have man child dress as Chewy  instead! That would be hilarious!

5. Characters in Harry Potter


Obviously, the most famous characters come to mind when you think of this costume idea. However, if your children don’t look like Harry, Ron or any of the other star characters don’t worry! There are tons of them to choose from and you could dress as one of the adults in the popular series! Hey, being a wizard for one way would’ be so bad ….

6. Frozen Family


LET IT GOOOo … oh hey there! I know, just when you thought the Frozen craze was over come crazy Mumma comes and ruins it! This is a super cool idea though and everyone can join in! There’s Elsa, Anna, Olof and a ton of other great cartoon characters to choose from! Its a great idea for young kids but can really work for any age!

7. Resident Evil


Maybe your children are a bit too old for Frozen. Maybe you want something with a bit more gore. What about resident evils famous characters!? There are numerous heroes and monsters to choose from in this series of films, and you could go all out with the infected monsters! The video games are scary enough … I wouldn’t want to meet this group on the street!

8. Willy Wonka


Let’s be real right now … how often do you already feel like a mad-man with Oompah Loompahs running the house! Yeah … me too! Well tonight you can embrace it!

Tell me what you think! Do you have any other group costume ideas!? Have any pictures of your own family you would want to share with us? Drop a link in the comments below! Happy Halloween Mummabugs!

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