Who Do You Think You Are: Growing Up On Me!

Who Do You Think You Are: Growing Up On Me!

Oh! Someone made Muma angry!

See that Mumma bird up there? I imagine she is mad because one of her buttheads mentioned leaving the nest. She came home, overheard them talking about their plans to leave her and went crazy on them! I felt your pain Mumma!

Mumma – That’s it! I do and do for you little shits and this is the thanks I get! Instead of cleaning your nest room, you were making plans to leave? You did it now, I’m so not puking food into your mouths tonight! Now pluck your brothers feathers and get to bed!

Henry Β (the one that looks like he is going for his mothers throat) – WHAaaaaat? No mom … it wasn’t me it was Egors idea!

Egor (the one behind Henry) – You fudging liar! It was NOT!

Henry – Shut up Egor … I’m hungry!

Janie (the one at the bottom of the nest under Henry looking like she got trampled on in the chaos) – Oh man … my brothers suck!

Henry and Egor – Shut Up JANIE! *stomp stomp stomp*

Okay, I’m done! I could go on and on about that picture because frankly … it is hilarious!

However, my point is that I understand her pain! Just yesterday I had a newborn who was totally reliant on me! She NEEDED me and I loved being needed! Now I have a four year old who could careless that I exist, until feeding time!

She no longer wants to cuddle with Mumma on the couch and god forbid I approach her while she is trying to make friends. Mooom, I am a big girl, I can do it! How have I already become the uncool Mom? I thought that happened during the teenage years ….. IM SUPPOSED TO HAVE A LOT OF YEARS OF SNUGGLE TIME LEFT!

I want a refund because I think my child is broken! Everyone else’s kid at the playground wants their Moms to play with them but their too busy with Facebook! Here I am begging a group of four year olds to like me …. creep-eeer!

She wants to dress herself now, pick out her own clothes and doesn’t want me to even wipe her butt! Listen … I’m not ready for you to wipe yourself okay! Let me do it!

All of these things point towards one thing, she is going to leave me! She is growing up and faster then I ever expected. It feels like just yesterday I was at the hospital, promising to never let her want for anything, and now all she wants is for me to leave her alone! I don’t know if I am ready!

I know it’s great that she is independent and I want her to be …. but would it kill her to cuddle everyonce in a while? I mean it should be mandatory payment for cooking your meals damnit! While we’re on the subject of cooking … she wants to do that by herself too!

I miss my baby! I miss putting her in the baby backpack on my chest and walking around the store with her snoozing away. I could stare at her all day, her warm little body squished against me! I miss it!

I guess I just have to get over it and find a way to cope because it’s not going to stop! Pretty soon there will be school and boyfriends … *sigh* it really does go by way to fast!

NOTE: I am aware that is probably not the Mom bird, but another baby bird! However, that was not as funny okay!

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