Losing to Technology

Losing to Technology

I am not really that old (although I reached the last birthday year this year and I am a bit worried about the big 3-0 coming soon …. OMG it’s like five months away!) … yeah I totally just lost all train of thought realizing how close my birthday is!

As I was saying … I am not that old but things today are so much different then they were when I was young! Technology has advanced at an astonishing rate and there as so many things available to kids now that weren’t even a thought when I was younger.

For example: you can go online with your phone, tablet, IPod, radio, T.V and even your watch! Your freaking watch …. seriously?! I mean think about what our ancestors would say …

Excuse me sir do you happen to have the time? 

*Scoffs* DO I have the time …. do I have the time …. not only DO I have the time my dear sir …. but I have Google as well … AND I can text and answer phone calls!

What is a phone? What is a text? What is this guys problem? “Excuse me if I don’t understand but do you have the time sir?

Bitch please ….. Uh …. I’m actually not sure how to find the time on here …. hold on!

If you had told people one hundred years ago that they would be able to send mail in the future with the press of a button and it would be delivered within seconds to a magical box, they would have called a priest!

Even just in the short time-span between now and my childhood things have changed drastically! We had computers but you were at the mercy of a phone line, sometimes it connected and sometimes it just went Weeeerrrrrpppppeeeeeewwwooooo for twenty minutes. Yep, a lot of things have changed but perhaps the biggest difference between then and now … people still read books for fun when I was young!

*Gasp* I know right!

With all of the up and comming technology it is a rat race to get out ahead of the entertainment pack! Social media and YouTube are both examples of how people have tried to use the internet to their advantage, and succeeded, like really succeeded!

Those things come with a certain set of problems though …. our kids are rotting their brains!

When I was a kid I had to ride the bus almost an hour in the morning and an hour at night. It was not uncommon to find kids circled up, with their knees up on the seat, reading a book! Half of them don’t even know what a book is now … “Is that some kind of new app?”

Books were invaluable to me when I was young because they gave me a way to escape reality and have adventures beyond my normal life. I read the hobbit until the spine broke because I was entranced with the thought of going on some big adventure. I read it and then I went outside and used my imagination (NO THATS NOT AND APP!). Books fostered creativity and made you design the details of the story as a movie in your head. Now they just watch the real movie on YouTube!

YouTube has replaced blogging because no one wants to read about your life, not when they can now WATCH your Vlog!

Even my four year old daughter knows what YouTube is and can navigate it with ease, but we also read! I have read to her since she was born and read to her every chance I get! When she gets older, I will still read to her and push for her to read!

I have a giant imagination, sometimes that is not a good thing when it’s used to imagine the worst case scenarios, but I really believe it can be boiled down to how much I read as a child!

For my birthday my dad bought me books, The Hobbit and Little Women were two of them that stick out the most, I was like ten! When the Lord of The Ring movies were schedualed to come out, he made me read the books! My love of reading came from being offered these extraordinary books. My dad also played video games and challenged me on Grand Tourismo …. but he read too!

It really pulls on my emotions when I think about this generations adversion to reading, magizines are going digital, newspapers are becoming obsolete and books are getting dusty on the shelves!

Dont get me wrong, I love a good How-to video as much as the next guy, but it’s sad that to think that  people are going to stop writing because no one is reading anymore! What if the next big adventure will never be written because tomorrow’s generation don’t care about books? Well … guess we’ll have to stick with the classics!

My birthday is now a half hour closer btw …. if anyone cares 😦



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