Truth Time: Mommy is a Liar!

Truth Time: Mommy is a Liar!

Do you remember the old sing-song rhyme we would chant as children, to call out someone we thought was trying to pull the wool over our eyes? I think it went something like … “Liar liar pants on fire!” Well, apparently my ass has been roasting since my daughter began talking!

I’m serious …. this MummaBug is a big fat liar! What’s even worse is that my daughter has begun calling me out on it! My wake-up call came the other day during a conversation with Kay-bug in the car, that went a bit like this:

Kay – Mama can we go to the park today?

Me (suffering from a huge headache and caffeine withdrawals) – Baby I think the park is closed today!

Kay – Your just lying …. you always lie to me about it *tears welling up in her eyes*

We drove straight to the park and spent the rest of the day there!

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my children! My Instagram feed is riddled with family photos of various things we do together. Even if I cannot afford to do anything “big” (my definition of big is anything that’s going to cost me over $20 bucks) we will go on a nature walk or scavenger hunt. However, there are some days that we just want to sit down and binge watch Orange is the new Black, am I right MummaBugs?

So why do we lie to our children?

Sometimes the answer to this question is obviously simple. We lie to preserve traditions and keep magic alive in our children’s hearts. Holidays are a big example of these types of lies, you know what I mean! Other times we use lies as a way to avoid conflict with our children. Sure … I could have told her that Mommy had a headache the size of Texas and hadn’t had enough coffee to fully function yet, if I wanted to listen to her cry and beg for the next two hours! Or I could tell her the park is closed for cleaning, all of them, every single one!

I know how terrible I sound right now, this wonder-mom has fallen from grace my friends, but I don’t do it to intentionally hurt my kids! And it’s not like I lie to them everyday, but sometimes I do skip pages in their bedtime story or tell them we’ll do it later even though I know later might be tomorrow!

When she was younger these small white lies worked perfectly, she accepted that the park was closed and was satisfied with my counter offer to go home and eat ice cream! Now that she’s getting older, forget it! That girl can sense a lie a mile away and she will tell you!

How can I justify telling my children not to lie, or that lying is wrong, when I am the biggest culprit of all? I am brutally honest with them in some aspects but forgive me if I don’t want them to know that Fattious the hamster died and didn’t actually go live with cousins in Mississippi! Maybe I shouldn’t tell white lies but I cannot help feeling awesome while watching their eyes light up with delight when they find a $5 bill rolled up neatly because the fairies bought the house they built for them!

There is a time and place for the perfectly crafted white lie, and all parents use them! I don’t care who you are or how organic the food is you feed to your children, if your a mommy you are a liar! If you try to tell me otherwise …. be prepared to be met with a snort and a little diddy … liar liar pants on fire!

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