Oh God …. Smell This!

Oh God …. Smell This!

Let’s take a moment to stop and ponder something that has boggled my mind since I was a young girl! Why is it that when people realize something stinks they feel an urge to share it with the class? Seriously, if I had a penny for every time I had been told “This stinks, smell this” I would be a rich woman!

It annoys me to absolutely no end but I am just as guilty as the next guy! You would think that when we reached into our fridge and pulled out something that had sat there a bit too long we would wrinkle our noses and dispose of it! That’s not what happens though is it? We have to chase down the next unsuspecting victim, throw it in front of their nose and yell “smell this!”

I know … I know …. your thinking “why the hell is this chick writing about stinky food?” Because it’s weird that’s why and it happens in my house ALL THE TIME! Man-child finds something that doesn’t smell quite right and instead of keeping it to himself …. yeah I get to be the lucky partner in smelly crime!

While we’re on the subject of Man-children and stinky things …. why do they think farts are funny? Here I am sitting on the couch quietly minding my own business and happily munching on a snack (grapes of course …. I was NOT eating cookies!) when I get a whiff of the worst smell I have ever encountered! It smelled like a skunk had meet it’s end in a dumpster on a hot sunny day okay, it was terrible!

I was disgusted, as I should be, and he thought it was the funniest thing in the entire world! The pride he felt because he had single handedly ruined my grape snack …. 🙂 …. was ridiculous and his laughter pissed me off! WHY GUYS ….. why do you think assaulting someone with your stench is funny? They do the same thing with feet, I am constantly having a foot shoved in my face because he needs reassurance that it stinks! WHY …..?

Women don’t do that …. well most don’t! We don’t forget to put on deodorant and when we realize it in the middle of a store, run over to some poor innocent victim and stick their head in our pits! If we fart, we sit their silently hoping it doesn’t stink and if it dose then it wasn’t me! We don’t poop …. I’m just saying we don’t do that!

Anyways, back to stinky food! Maybe we just need reassurance that our nose is working correctly “I think this stinks but maybe I’m wrong, I’d better ask someone else.” Or I guess it’s possible that we are pissed off at the world for allowing us to smell it in the first place and don’t want to be the only one!

I’m just sayin …. if it stinks …. throw it away! In the meantime though …. Smell this!

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