Fun Facts About Halloween That You Won’t Believe You Never Knew

Fun Facts About Halloween That You Won’t Believe You Never Knew

Halloween is a fan favorite when it comes to holidays. It’s celebrated in many different areas in several different ways but it is enjoyed by all who celebrate it. This may be because of the spooky undertones it encompasses or the excuse it gives people to step outside of the norm of their day-to-day lives.

Whatever the reason, it’s a very popular holiday. However, even the biggest fans of Halloween probably don’t know many of these fun facts! So let’s dive into the world of ghouls and goblins and learn some mind blowing facts about Halloween, together!

1. Some people have a very real, very valid, phobia of Halloween.


Samhainophobia is the very real phobia of Halloween, it can also be known as a phobia of the festival of the dead. Ancient celtic custom was to celebrate summers end with a festival and the word Samhain translates into – end of summer. Later it twisted into Samhuin which translates into All Hallows’ eve.

The history of Halloween is a long one and it would take far too long to go into it right now but it it’s dotted with beliefs in spirits and other paranormal occurrences. The very core of this Holiday is quite scary, so it’s no wonder people begin feeling anxious when the goblins and zombies go up in every window across America!

And it’s not just children who suffer from Samhainophobia!

Many adults suffer from the phobia of Halloween and there are numerous reasons for this. It’s most commonly related to a past traumatic event that either occurred on Halloween or around that time. People will associate that traumatic event with all future Halloweens.

Other reasons could be a fear of something that is commonly used to decorate during this holiday. Spiders or witches may strike numbing fear into the hearts of people and cause them to hate Halloween because they suddenly see their worst fears everywhere.s

2. An Estimated Seven Billion Dollars Will Be Spent On Halloween!

Yeah, you read that right! We have homeless people sleeping in the woods and children going hungry but we can rustle up seven BILLION dollars for Halloween! Oh, while we’re talking about statistics …

2.1 billion dollars of that money will be spent on just candy!

Each household in America who purchases candy for Halloween will spend on average $45 on Halloween candy.

600 million pounds of candy will be purchased for Halloween.

35 million pounds of candy corn is made each year!

Those are some pretty crazy statistics!

3. Don’t Wear A Priest Costume in Alabama! 

Yep, don’t do that! Many religious people do not celebrate Halloween and want no part in the festivities at all. They believe it to be a Devils holiday, which it really is not! However, the act of dressing like a priest could be seen as insulting and is actually banned in Alabama!

Oh, while we are on the subject of costume No-No’s, it is illegal to impersonate an officer everywhere all the time. So if your thinking about dressing up like a cop this year, you may want to think again!

4. There Are Quite A Few Spider Superstitions You May Want To Know!


Spiders can be seen everywhere during Halloween season but why? What relationship do spiders actually have to Halloween? Apparently, spiders and black cats were seen as companions of witches and that’s why both are widely associated with Halloween now. There are quite a few spider superstitions but let’s take a look at some of the coolest ones!

Finding a spider in your home on Halloween means a loved one is watching over you.

If you had a fever you may have been given syrup to help cure it. Oh yeah, and a spider! It was believed that taking a spider would cure your fever! Personally, it was probably related to a certain type of spider who actually may have possessed some ability to calm a fever, venom or something?

Have you ever seen a spider make a web above your bed, did you notice what color it was? White spiders above your bed mean good luck, while a black one is no good at all!

Finding a spider in your home doesn’t have to be a bad thing! In fact, some people think it’s a seriously good thing! They believe spiders found in the home mean rewards to those who live their and the bigger the spider, the bigger that reward! (I don’t know, I still wouldn’t want to find a tarantula!)

5. Certain Colored Candles Bring Luck

Grab an orange candle, it has to be new and unlit, and light it at midnight on Halloween. Allow it to burn until the next morning and it is said this will bring you luck all year.

6. Watch Out For A Headless Shadow


While your burning candles watch out for your shadow and be sure to keep your head on! Superstitious people believe seeing a headless shadow on Halloween foretells doom for whomever the shadow belonged to.

7. Halloween And Full Moons …. Never Happen?

Okay, not never but it’s actually very rare for there to be a complete full moon on Halloween night. The next one expected to occur is in 2020 and the last full moon …. that was back in 2001! It happens about four or five times a century, with eighteen to nineteen years in between these lunar events.

8. Harry Houdini Died On Halloween


But wait … there’s more! He was reportedly quite a spiritual person and that was something he and his wife both shared. They made a promise to one another that whoever died first would try to reach out from beyond and contact the other one.

After his death, his wife waited for him to hold good to his promise and for ten years she held a seance on the day of his death, Halloween. She stopped after ten years but the tradition still goes on today. People all across the world try to reach out and talk to the man who inspired many and who better to escape the clutches of death then the greatest escape artist of all time?

9. Do You Wanna Build A Sn … Eh I Mean … See A Witch?

Well … take off your clothes! No seriously, take your clothing off and turn them all inside out. Walk backwards in your home while wearing these inside out clothes and whoever you see at midnight might just be a witch! It’s said that doing this will ensure you will see a witch at midnight … although I’m still trying to come up with a good reason why a person would have wanted to see a witch at midnight!

10. Being Scared Is Actually A Natural High?

Huh, who knew! Maybe someone should let all of the addicts of the world in on this secret! Nah man, I’m good …. going to watch IT instead tonight!

It’s true though …. being scared releases chemicals in your body that trigger a fight or flight response. I’ll skip the science mumbo-jumbo but basically, your brain releases a surge of adrenaline and pumps more blood into your muscles. This can cause a person to feel pumped up and can make you feel pretty good, once the initial fright wears off!

11. What Do William Shatner And Halloween Have In Common? 


Nothing? Oh you would be wrong! The movie Halloween was turned down when pitched to the bigger production companies so it was forced to be made independently. This gave the movie a very small budget and when they were in need of a “look” for our masked madman, they went to a local Halloween store! Today, the famous Micheal Myers Halloween Mask is made by the dozens but it didn’t start out custom made!

So what do the two have in common? How surprised would you be to find out that Micheal was actually wearing a Halloween costume of his own? Yep, our wee little psycho was wearing a William Shatner mask that had been painted white! Why did they decide on this particular mask? It was the cheapest one in the store!


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