A Letter To My Younger Self

A Letter To My Younger Self

I’ve seen a few people writing letters that were directed at themselves when they were younger. At first I thought “That’s stupid and pointless” but the more I thought about it I understood. It’s not that you think your letter will fall into some random universe that’s twenty years behind us, it’s an exercise of self discovery, less about who you were years ago and more about how much you have changed since then. Some of them are really cute and others are dark and depressing, let’s see what mine will look like!

Dear Younger Meagan,

First of all, don’t freak out! Yes, this letter is from the future and I am really you, don’t try to understand how this happened, it’s just a thing now! So, how are you? You started acting like a dumbass yet? I wonder how young you are supposed to be, am I writing to a teenager? A small child? If your a child then I’m sorry about the dumbass line! Let’s pretend your like twelve for the sake of confusion. Well I guess I should start by saying “Hey girl ….” to break the ice or something? (Ice breaker …. ice breaker …. Think think think) You hit puberty yet? (Oh that was stupid …. ) Okay forget the ice breaker, let’s get to the good stuff! Let’s see …. what would I tell you if I could …..

  • Things will get better, but they will get much worse first. Hold on tight and don’t let go of yourself and who you are!
  • Spend more time with Grammy because there will come a time where you have to say goodbye, and you will have a lot of regret about not spending enough time with her!
  • Don’t date stupid people! Omg … just stay away from all men until your in your 20’s …. there all problems solved!
  • Seriously though, stop trying to fix other people because you can’t. They will only drag you down in the process and then you will have to work much harder to fix yourself!
  • Stay away from drugs! I’m not just saying that to sound like an after school special, they will ruin your life and everything you wanted to do with it! Just say no …. !
  • Enjoy your friends to the fullest because after high-school you really won’t see them anymore!
  • When you meet Corey, act on it now! You will understand what I mean and trust me you two will later anyways and then it will create so many problems! Don’t let him change or let the world change him and run away from everyone together!
  • Actually, scratch that …. then Kayleigh won’t be born. Yeah … shit do I even want you to change anything?
  • Kayleigh is your daughter, yeah you have a daughter! Well …. you do if you don’t change anything anyways!
  • So yeah …. don’t change a thing! Live through the bad times and love the good times, when the time comes to change: do it!

To be honest there isn’t much I would want to change about my life. Did I do some things I wish I hadn’t, yeah! However, changing anyone of those things would put me on a different path and maybe it would be a technically “better life” but I’m pretty fond of the one I have now!

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