Where has all the me time gooooone …

Where has all the me time gooooone …

Totally unrelated but I wish my bathroom looked like this!

Moooom ….. that is a normal phrase around my home and I’ve become totally used to it. In fact, I could almost predict when it is coming now. That doesn’t bother me at all, I’m proud of the title and think I have earned it!

What scares me is how accustomed I have become to hearing it during times when I should hear nothing. Like sitting on the toilet ….. “Mama look!” My darling daughter says as she pushes open the bathroom door “Look what I made for you!” Meanwhile I am trying to poop! The worst part? Her presence doesn’t even phase me!

There was a time not long ago that someone walking into the bathroom during my most private moment would have humiliated me! I would have responded with an ear piercing “Get the fuck out” and then promptly crawled under a rock and cried because now everyone knew I Meagan …. did poo!

Now? “Oh honey, that’s beautiful! I love the colors you picked, did you show Daddy? Daddy Come Here and See!” Daddy pops his head in the door, “What?” Of course by now Kayleigh is sitting on the edge of the tub with a huge shit eating grin (no pun intended) “Look what I made for Mama!”

So what the hell changes in us that makes this okay and why does everyone feel the need to have family time while I am trying to take a poo? I have rationalized it like this; when you have a child, all of your most private parts become displayed to the world. I’m not just talking about being spread eagle on a table while doctors and nurses get up close and personal with Gina. Nothing is sacred when you have a kid! Just try to hide something in your life from a young child’s prying eyes …. go ahead, try!

Not only do they see all, they tell everyone about it! I cannot tell you how many times my daughter has spoken with a stranger and told them something they had no business knowing! “Mommy said I can’t get that toy because we are broke and Daddy should get a job!” Haha …. nooo I didn’t say that *walks backwards slowly chuckling*

The word privacy become a non-existent theory reserved for single and elderly people! Pri … Va … Cy is that Spanish? You can always tell who is a mother and who is not by the way they act in a changing room or a bathroom. A single person will be very reserved and make sure to keep themselves covered even while changing. A mom will strip down to her skivers and not give one damn who is watching. A single woman will sit and pee daintily while a mother doesn’t care if you hear her pee and will probably carry on a whole conversation with you while sitting on the potty! The single woman is appalled by this …..

My point is I never realized how de-sensitized I had become until the other day! Here I was trying to poo and I was joined by the whole damn family! That didn’t bother me at all, what bothered me was how much it didn’t bother me! When had I become used to this, when had this become my normal?

And why the hell does no one need Mama, until she needs to poop?!

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