September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

One of my all time favorite things to do it to sit down with my tablet and click off into the weird and unusual parts of the internet. I often find myself on YouTube, where I am only a little bit ashamed to admit I can spend hours watching videos of animals and people doing silly things! Today I stumbled across a video that showcased the Top Ten Signs The End Is Near! Do I think the world is going to end tomorrow? I don’t personally think so ….. but they sure do make a compelling argument! I think my next post might be on that, but for today …..

One of the things that was highlighted in the video was the attack on 9/11 and I found myself thinking back and I couldn’t believe how much time has passed! If I told you that it had been SIXTEEN years since that tragic day, would you believe me? No, you would have to open your phone and Google it for yourself! Why? Because we suffered through something so horrific together as a country that it has been had to move past it! What was actually sixteen years ago, feels like it could have been just yesterday!

I would bet my next paycheck (which okay …. wouldn’t be a whole lot) on the fact that I could go randomly ask ten people right now if they remembered where they were/ what they were doing on that day, and each one would say yes! Obviously, they would have to be old enough to remember that day, but if they were a certain age, they would remember!

Let’s recap, what exactly did happen on 9/11? Some would say that was the day a terrorist community highjacked and flew four planes into various buildings. Others would argue that was the day our own government played puppeteer to the highjacking of four planes that would eventually be flown into various buildings. We will probably never know the truth behind that day, and maybe we have been force fed a lie but one this is certain to be true. That was the day that thousands of people woke up and went about their lives only to be killed when four planes flew into various buildings. That was the day that husbands lost wives, and wives lost husbands. The day that parents lost their children, and children lost their parents. The day that many people were forced to do the unthinkable in an act of heroism, and others were forced to make last phone calls to their loved ones. It’s the day that millions of people stood United and watched their nation suffer a terrible, terrible loss.

I am extremely fortunate because I did not have any loved ones involved with anything that day, but far too many people cannot say the same! People jumped into action and gave their lives in the pursuit to save others. Some enlisted in the fight to gain revenge for our fallen brothers and sisters. Groups of people set up support for family members and victims of this crime. Others stood by watching and wishing they could do something to help. Regardless of where you were or who you knew, you wanted to help!

Even today, watching documentaries about what happened provokes a strong emotional response to avenge their innocent people’s deaths. It was tragic, it was horrific, it was the stuff nightmares are made of and it was real! We spent years in fear of another attack. The thought that our own government could have planned this caused many people to take precautions for the next assault. How can we find safety in a nation that would do this to its own people? It terrorized people’s thoughts for years, and still does to this day!

I couldn’t believe it had been sixteen years ….. I won’t be able to believe it when it has been twenty-five years, and I’m glad people are not so quick to forget! Those people should be remembered and mourned, they were innocent people who had done absolutely nothing to deserve the terrifying ordeal they had to live through, and eventually die because of. I couldn’t begin to fathom the desperation and pain they had to endure, or being told that your love ones plane was the one that crashed.

With September here again, I thought it would be appropriate to take some time out of our busy lives and remember. Remember those who were lost on that terrible day, and remember those who gave their lives because of others actions. Remember their families and what they had to live through, and stuff have to remember everyday of their life! Hold your family just a little closer! If that day taught us anything, it is that the unthinkable can happen in a split second. You never know what is heading in your direction and you should live every minute like it is your last, because it might be.

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