Life Lessons From A Four Year Old

Life Lessons From A Four Year Old

Having children is like having one of those “quote of the day” calendars on your desk. Everyday you read the quote and it makes you ponder a certain part of your life, if only just for a moment. Children do the same thing, they are just not usually as subtle.

Everyday some crazy words come flying out of my children like a prophecy straight from some higher being. It takes me off guard and causes me to take a step back and analyze my entire life-plan. Today’s words of wisdom from my daughter: Mom you have to be patient, like me!

Whoa, hold on little lady!

So let me explain how this extremely insightful phrase came to my daughters mouth. We love fishing and it is one of our favorite things to do as a family. It is inexpensive, and usually leads off into other great adventures. We drive around (sometimes for hours) going down back roads and locating blue dots in our GPS.

It is hard to find a good spot that is easy to access with children. Luckily, they are at a better age this year and can walk a bit into the woods with us. No more stroller, and let me just say how hard it can be to get a stroller anywhere near a river bank!

Sometimes we will find a good trail that winds its way around a pond or lake, and from there we can stop and fish as we please. Anyways, here we were at the river, my daughter threw her line into the water and sat down. Bam! She got a fish! The Man-Child took her fish off the line, she cast it back out, Bam! Another stinking fish! Meanwhile I have not caught jack!

Ten fish later and I was getting a little bit annoyed. I am not ashamed to say I moved into the spot she was standing and had her switch to my old spot, BAM! Are you kidding me? Another five fish! Okay … clearly something is different here!

I checked her line and compared it to my line, they were both set up exactly the same. So I finally asked her, me a twenty nine year old woman begging a child for her fishing secret! Mama, you have to be patient like me!

Whoa …. Hold the phone AND shut the front door!

This is the same girl who cannot wait two seconds for me to get her drink open for her, who bugs me every thirty seconds about when we are going to go to the park, and who cannot wait until everyone is finished eating to go to the play place, PATIENCE?

So, this is what her patience actually looked like. Cast line into water, wait 3-5 seconds, move the fishing pole which makes the bobber move a little, yank the fishing pole because she thinks she has a fish, real in line at eighty miles an hour, BAM fish caught.

Her secret to fishing was the exact opposite of patience, but you can’t tell a four year old that. Yes baby-bug …. you are good at patience …. now go catch supper!

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