Summer Is Almost Over!

Summer Is Almost Over!

I love Autumn … Like, seriously love everything about it! I like the crisp feeling of a slightly chilly day. I love the smell of freshly falling leaves and dying grass. I love how leaves scatter across the pavement and make scratching noises in the breeze. I love walking through crunchy leaves. 

I even love the food that comes with fall! Although, to be honest I do think we have crossed the line into absurd when it comes to the amount of pumpkin flavored things! Gum? Eww! However, do I need to give you a good reason to grab a pumpkin swirl coffee? No, I do not think I do! Sip proudly Mama Bugs!

I love the activities that fall opens up because I can spend an entire day looking through a pumpkin patch for a perfectly round one with no brown spots! Oh, it has to have a great stem too. Not good, great! Have you ever fought with a pumpkin top that possessed an inferior stem? Oh, well when you have you let me know how important that perfect stem has become to you! I walk up to a door on Halloween and see a Jack-O-Lantern that has been beautifully carved and guess what, it has a perfect stem! Then I am like, “Oh they get it”! Then I quickly throw the baby at my Man-Child and instruct him to Get The Car because that perfect pumpkin will be mine!

Seriously though, Fall brings about some of the best memories from my childhood and I hope to replicate them all with my children. However, that doesn’t mean I a ready for summer to come to a screeching halt! I spend the entire winter dreaming about summer and its sunshine! I live in Maine people, do you know how crappy our winters can be? 

Cleaning off the car like … “Oh Mama we will be at the beach soon just get through today”. Shoveling eight feet of snow out of a 20×40 area like …. “If I don’t have a heart attack, I am so earning my flip-flops this year”! Walking back up a giant hill for the umpteenth time so the kids can slide down it again like “I am so F’N done with this …”

It is easy to understand why I rush winter! I don’t do anything worth anything during the bleak days of snowy hell. Yeah, I take the kids sledding and don’t get me wrong I have a blast, but there is so much work involved! If you are OCD like myself, you understand the frustration of snowy wet winter clothes draped over everything. Boots melting in the middle of the floor into a giant puddle. Salt staining everything no matter how many times you try to mop it up! I have to stop because I a, giving myself one hell of an anxiety attack right now!

Well, we suck it up here in Maine! We hunker down and get through it with out neighbors and friends. We brave the icy roads, survive the blizzards, and enjoy the beauty that only a sunrise after an ice storm can offer, but damnit can’t we just have a little bit more summer?

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