Well … Hello there!

Well … Hello there!

Hey Mommys!

I thought it would be a bit rude of me not to introduce myself! Plus, I am very eager for you to introduce yourselves as well! So I will go first ……

I am a Mother all the time! I have a beautiful daughter who I pushed for three hours … not three pushes, please don’t get that confused … THREE HOURS to get her into this world and that was the easy part -_-! She is amazing, talented, smart, curious, and sometimes just a bit irritating! Clever as a whip and nothing gets by that girl and I do mean nothing. Trust me … just try to sneak a cookie past that one … HA!

I also have an adorable step-son. I say step-son but his father and I are not technically married. I am not quite sure why, we have been together for over five years as of today, maybe we will ask him together! Anyways, we have his son on weekends, school holidays, and summer vacation! I love every minute we spend with him, and hate it when he is gone! It throws our home into turmoil when he has to go back home! He is very hyperactive and even though he is only four, I suspect he will be diagnosed with every letter of the alphabet before he is ten! It takes a lot of work, a lot of dedication, and a whole lot of patience to be a step-parent and co-parent with someone you didn’t choose! I didn’t sleep with her, why am I stuck with her for 18 years?

Then there is my third child and his name is Man-Child (it is actually JR but I like being able to call him my secret nickname out loud finally)! We have been together for five years in Oct. and although we have to work at it, we make it work!

Truth Time: we probably would not have still been together had I not gotten pregnant so early on in our relationship. It really put us in an “arranged marriage” position, where we almost had to learn to love each other. We could have separated but he had missed out on his sons pregnancy because the Baby Mama was childish and I didn’t want to cause him that pain again. Here we are now, going strong, so maybe there is something to arranged marriages!

Well that is our happy little family! We struggle from time to time, especially with finances. There are a lot of things we would love to do with our children that we just probably won’t ever be able to do, but we make it work and try our best! We are very creative when it comes to finding amazing ways to make memories with our children, on a budget!

I am a waitress and I love it. We decided that I would be the one to go back to work and he would stay home. He has Tourette’s and is very self conscious about it. He doesn’t have any verbal ticks, that is to say he doesn’t shout inappropriate words in public, but he constantly clears his throat and coughs. People are always asking him if he needs water, or offering us cough drops.

We have had times where people were very rude to us. One occasion we went to a movie with the kids, and it was almost empty being as it was an afternoon on a Monday. This woman decided to come and sit directly in front of us, even though there were several other empty seats further away. We sat through the entire movie, Jr did tick a few times, but he did very well trying not to. At the end of the movie the woman stood up, turned around, and said “if you have that kind of problem you shouldn’t go to movies”. Well …… needless to say the rest of that story would probably get me banned from this website. Suffice it to say, she will never say anything like that to another person with a disability again.

My point …. oh yeah …. he cannot work in places where he has to deal with people, talk to people, or be around people. Many people find it irritating or annoying (I myself had to find several coping skills to deal with it) and they end up being very mean to him. It crushes him and I know it does, so I try very hard not to make a big deal out of me working. I would love to stay home with my children and some days I long for the normal “daddy goes to work while Mommy goes to the park” life, but we need to eat!

I am a freelance writer and I absolutely love it, it is my second passion (my family is my first passion). I wish everyday that I could find a way to make a comfortable living from writing but I have not one clue how to do it. I have no degrees in any specific area, so writing a book with any sort of credentials as to why I should be writing that book, is sort of out! I would love to write a non-fiction about my life. I have lived through many things, divorce of my parents, my mother being in an abusive relationship, moving across the country only to have to run back home, staying in shelters with my mother, eating disorders that got pretty out of hand, addiction that really got severe and ruined my life in many ways, felony charges, jail time, becoming a mother and changing my life, suicide of someone very close to me, watching my sister struggle with losing her children, and many other big things! I know I could write something that could connect with, and possibly help other human beings, but I don’t know if there are any readers left! It’s all about the YouTube these days!

Well that’s the Nutshell version I suppose! My family is small but we are strong! We love each other and show that love everyday. My children want for nothing and they don’t need to seek attention because they have it handed to them in big helpings all day long! Do I spoil my children? Hell yeah! Are my children spoiled? Nope! We come in like a hurricane, papers flying all around, and leave a disaster in our wake! But that is life with a three and four year old, plus a man child, and I love every single millisecond of it!

Your turn!

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